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Scholarship winner has heart set on medical profession

Scholarship winner has heart set on  medical profession
Kyle DaSilva copped the 2nd highest national scholarship award for 2020 academic performance.

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The recipient of the second highest national scholarship award for 2020 academic performance, Kyle DaSilva, is on a path to become a medical doctor, and hopes to make an impact in St Vincent and the Grenadines(SVG) one day.  

 DaSilva is a consistent academic, excelling from a young age. As a student of the Richland Park Seventh Day Adventist school, he placed seventh overall and third for boys at Common Entrance. He was part of the last batch of students to take part in this examination before it was replaced by the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment(CPEA).  

At the end of his attendance at the Mountain View Adventist Academy(MVAA), DaSilva gained 16 subjects at the 2018 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate(CSEC); 15 ones, the highest grade, and one two at additional mathematics.

 For this he received four awards at the National Awards ceremony of 2018: top performer at his secondary school, top performer in business and in science, top male performer at CSEC, and top performer at CSEC. 

 He studied Communication Studies, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology at the St Vincent and the Grenadines’ Community College(SVGCC), division of Arts, Sciences, and General Studies. For the first year, he attained ones in all his sciences and a two in Communication studies. In the second year, the academic acheived ones for Chemistry, Biology and Geography, and a two for Physics.  

 “This seems like the biggest to me or the greatest achievement so far, and especially because of its impact on my future, because it helped me on my goal towards med’ school so it really carried the most weight and it really made me happy,” the 19-year-old revealed on Monday, March 29, in a short interview over the phone a week after the 58 scholars received their letters informing them of their various awards. 

 He has been named as the recipient of the national scholarship, second only to the Prime Minister’s award captured by Kelcey Allen. A full scholarship of five years, and $10,000 is now his.  

 The young man took a massive blow just before the pivotal year two of his college education when his father, Hannif Sutherland, lost a battle with cancer.  

 However, his father’s words stayed with him.  

“…He always used to tell me that I have the potential and I could really do whatever I want to do and get whatever I want to get in life, as long as I work hard,” he recalled.

 He described his friends as brilliant, noting that he never believed he would place higher than they. However, his parents’ confidence stayed with him.  

 DaSilva gave credit to God, his “really, really hard working” mother, “great” sister, girlfriend and group of friends who kept him going after he lost his dad, as being elements that contributed to his success.  

“I really don’t think this is me alone, this is everything just falling into place,” he concluded. 

He is currently enrolled in the pre-med programme at the Trinity School of Medicine, and is engaged in online learning.

 While he is not 100% certain that he will make the commitment to the white coat, DaSilva reasoned “I like to help people, and my heart really is with St Vincent and wanting to make an impact on St Vincent one day,” he mused.

“… It’s a good job, it could help lots of people, and it’s a job where I can help out St Vincent,” Da Silva added.