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Man bonded for beating baby mother

Man bonded for beating baby mother

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In a drunken state, a young father who got into an argument with the mother of his baby over the volume of his game, resorted to beating her with his hands.  

 Now he has a criminal record to his name at 30 years old, which will affect his ability to work in the future.

 The unemployed Lowman’s Hill resident, Jeranne Simmons, will also no longer be living with his young family as his significant other of five years has moved out with their one year old child. 

 These consequences flow out of an incident that took place minutes before Valentine’s Day this year. However, it came out in the facts that the two are “in the habit of getting into some disputes.” 

At 11:20pm on February 13, the girlfriend, named Etula Lytlle, was at home with the baby who was sleeping. The defendant went into the bedroom, plugged in his Game of Thrones and apparently put it at maximum volume. Lyttle contended that the volume was too high, and turned it down. They then had a back and forth with the volume, and argued about waking the child. Simmons got annoyed and beat her in her face with his hands.  

 Lyttle went to the police and was given medical forms to take to a doctor to record her injuries. She had swelling, lacerations above her eye and to her inner lip, and multiple scrapes to the neck and chest.  

 Simmons was charged with wounding Lyttle. 

He admitted to Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, that he was drunk at the time.

 “You know Mr Simmons domestic violence, it’s a big issue across the world you know? It’s a big issue and the world is looking on at the court as to how we are treating with these matters,” the magistrate told the defendant.

 “…I’ve heard from time to time that a section of the population they feel that the court does not send a right message with regards to domestic violence,” he noted. 

 “…but as I always say, each case has to be taken on its own facts and merit. That’s what I have to address my mind to.”

 Even though Lyttle was no longer in a relationship with the defendant, the magistrate said that they may be likely to have issues again because a child is involved.  

 While Lyttle has moved out and hasn’t spoken to the defendant since the incident, she said she has told him that he knows where they are if he wants to see the child.

 It also emerged that the conduct of the defendant is differrent if he isn’t drinking.  

In all the circumstances, the magistrate decided not to sentence Simmons to a prison term. It seemed that if there was a place for rehabilitation of alcoholics the court may have sent the defendant there. 

 Simmons was bonded for one year to keep the peace. If he does not, then he must pay $1500 immediately or serve three months in prison.  

 Lyttle did not want compensation from her former lover.