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Man shot, strangled to death in Fair Hall

Man shot, strangled to death in Fair Hall
Rodney “Menace” Cadogan

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A Choppins family is in mourning after one of their members was shot and strangled to death on Wednesday.

Dead is 43-year-old Rodney “Menace” Cadogan.

The father of four is said to have been walking home from work at around 6 pm in the Fairhall area when it is alleged that he was approached by three men.

A family member said he was shot in the back and managed to run into some nearby bushes, but was pursued and strangled with his own belt.

Another relative told SEARCHLIGHT that an investigator said Cadogan was found with his belt around his neck and his eyes bulging.

“He was always jovial, cool, an okay person. As far as I know, he wasn’t a bad person. He had some little disputes but to me, he was an okay person,” the relative said on the condition of anonymity.

She added, “I don’t know what caused it. When things happen you hear a 101 things before you hear the truth.”

The deceased was an employee with the Electrical Inspectorate Division in the Ministry of Transport and Works and also operated a shop in his hometown of Choppins.

On Wednesday after Cadogan’s death, a recording began making the rounds on social media showing him being involved in an altercation.

Reports are that the incident in which he was seen with a cutlass was recorded late last year, either in November or December.

The relative said that in her opinion, his death had nothing to do with that fight and noted also that he was the complainant in a court case in relation to an incident in which he was stabbed.

Up to press time, no one had been detained for what is the fourth homicide in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) for 2021.