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We are on to something very important – Keizer

We are on to something very important – Keizer
CHRISTAL OLIVER of Xtreme FM (second from right) presenting the award for the Best Music Band in SVG to Resonance


The people have made their choices in the 2020 Best of SVG Awards- and they received their accolades when the event was staged last Sunday February 16, at the Community College.

But, the winner in the draw for $1000 in the Best of SVG 2020 people’s choice campaign has not yet turned up to collect the prize.

We are on to something very important - Keizer
A MEMBER OF the audience (left) making the $1000 draw while a representative of Grant Thornton, the auditors, looks on

At the awards ceremony on Sunday evening, Alicia Richards of Riley was announced as the winner in the draw that was overseen by a representative of the auditing firm Grant Thornton.

Richards was one of 2117 participants in the campaign who became eligible to be entered into the draw, having voted in 25 or more categories; in all 14,815 persons voted. Richards voted in 87 categories and an email was sent to the email address  used for voting in the campaign. That email, along with a form of photo identification must be brought to Searchlight to claim the prize.

Last Sunday’s awards ceremony saw the winners in 115 categories being announced, many of whom were on hand to collect their plaques, certificates and gifts.

Over the period December 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020, thousands chose who they believed to be the “Best Massages” “Best Nail Technician” “Best Bartender” “Best Farmer” “Best Videographer” “Best Happy Hour” “Best Karaoke Singer” and many many more.

Clare Keizer, the chief executive officer of Interactive Media Ltd who hosts the awards, in her remarks, noted since the last Best of SVG, which took place in 2018, the awards has seen some changes.

In commenting on the biggest change, the move to digital voting, she stated “The decision resulted in not only a more efficient process, but opened up the poll to people who may not have been inclined or in a position to submit a paper ballot, and notably a younger demographic.”

Interactive Media Ltd also reaffirmed that they are committed to continuing the “Best of SVG” for as long as there is a demand and capacity, as they recognize they are “on to something very important”.

Certainly, from the answers of a few awardees that SEARCHLIGHT interviewed on Sunday, the award is positive for them.

We are on to something very important - Keizer
FIRST TIME winner, Cherice Roberts with her award for best hair braider

The winner in the category “Best Passenger Van Service” was claimed by “Busta”, that operates in Mesopotamia/Richland Park, Belair, and Sion Hill/Roseau. Azar Williams, the son of the owner, who collected it on behalf of his father, noted that they were anticipating the award.

“We know what we produce, we know how we treat our customers and we try to maximize our customer service, we try to give the customers the best service possible,” he explained.
He added, “this is the beginning to us doing better. This is like a motivation.”

Speaking on behalf of Rainbow Unique Nursery and Preschool who won for the second year in the “Best Pre-School” category, the Principal and Owner Dorris Hope stated that it “feels good.”

We are on to something very important - Keizer
Bernadette Johnson, best newspaper vendor (center) celebrates with family including husband (left) and daughter, Keisha Johnson (right)

“We try our best every day, when they come into our care we are responsible for them until the parents take them back, so we always try to ensure that when they come to us that the parents are happy when they leave, so that they don’t have to worry during the day and at the same time when they come back to them at the end of the day, they are still happy,” Hope explained about the school, which had been open since 2010.

Another second time winner in the “Best Creative Landscaper/Gardener” category, “Ras John” or Edroy Aster who has been in his business for over 20 years stated “I just feel I’m doing a good service I’m excited. I intend do better for 2020. So very happy.”

Performing at the show on Sunday were Resonance Band, who were later named the people’s choice for “Best Musical Band”, La Gracia Dance Group that won in two categories “Best Community Group” “Best Dance Group”, Ronnie Richardson who was voted as “Best Gospel Artiste” and Samuel Toka. The co-hosts were Dexter Rose and Candice Sealey.

The sponsors that made the Best of SVG 2020 possible are Grant Thornton, Courts, FLOW, Diamond Girl, CIBC First Caribbean International Bank, Singer, Quick Cash, Right Stuff,  Guardsman, BOOM 106.9, Finishing and Furnishing, Sport Locka plus, WE FM 99.9, Xtreme FM 104.3, GECCU Ltd, Invest SVG, St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College(SVGCC), Hairoun, Coreas Hazells Inc, and St Vincent and the Grenadines Chocolate Company.