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CDC pays over $600,000 to winners in Vincy Mas 2019

CDC pays over $600,000 to winners in Vincy Mas 2019
Deron “Magikal” Rouse, Soca Monarch 2019 walked away with the biggest prize of Vincy Mas 2019


Over EC$600,000 has been paid by the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) to the winners of the various components of Vincy Mas 2019.

The prize money, trophies and the keys to a Nissan Teana car, were handed over on Tuesday at the Murray Heights Hotel during the CDC’s annual prize giving ceremony.

CDC pays over $600,000 to winners in Vincy Mas 2019
Road March winner Rondy “Luta” McIntosh (left) accepts his prize from Murray Bullock

Addressing the event, Chairman of the CDC Ricardo Adams said all the data as it relates to Vincy Mas 2019 was not yet in, but from his observations, the festival was successful and the CDC made improvements in a number of areas.

Miss SVG 2019 Sharika Rodney, first runner up Sylvorn Lavia and second runner up Sonia Delicia were on hand to collect their winnings.

Adams said the Miss SVG pageant continues to be innovative, exciting, competitive and well managed, while he is sure that the Beauty Shows Committee (BSC) is already scouting girls.

The prize giving ceremony saw the Bequia Carnival Committee being awarded the Best Organized Rural Carnival while the North Leeward Sports and Cultural Organisation copped the Most Improved Rural prize. The Best Local Repertoire DJ in Rural Carnival Activities was Raphael “DJ Specialist” Frederick.

Adams said there has been growth in attendance and in the number of cultural activities hosted in the rural areas. He said Deron “Magikal” Rouse, Soca Monarch 2019, was able to hone his craft by winning in three rural events leading to his national win, while a number of entrants in the Miss SVG show were also past winner in rural pageants.

During the event, Magikal received his winning cheque and the keys to a Nissan Teana.

The winners in the various categories of junior involvement in Vincy Mas were also rewarded last Tuesday.

CDC pays over $600,000 to winners in Vincy Mas 2019
Ragga Soca Monarch 2019 Hance John (left) accepts his prize from Murray Bullock

Recognized were winners in the Junior Mas Individuals (5-9) category in which first place went to Kahamara Stapleton of SVG Players International Mas Band with “White Peacock”, Junior Mas Individuals (10-15) category with first place going to Jenise Finch of Nelson Block with “Gala Fete” and Best Junior Section going to Lynx Mas Band with “Air Canada”.

Also recognized were the Junior Queen of Carnival Celina Clouden of SVG Players, the Junior King of Carnival Joel Batson of Blondie Bird and Friends, the Junior Band of the Year Lynx Mas Band, the winner of the Junior Uptown Competition Blondie Bird and Friends and the Sections of the Bands winner Imagination Mas Band.

The top three winners in these categories were all rewarded last Tuesday, and Adams noted that the CDC is excited about the increase participation in the junior categories of all aspects of Vincy Mas.

He said that the pan competition continues to be keenly contested and the band sizes continue to increase.

All the winners in the pan categories were on hand to collect their winnings. This year, the Girls’ High School (GHS) won the school-based band competition while the community band competition was won by Starlift Steel Orchestra.

CDC pays over $600,000 to winners in Vincy Mas 2019
Shaunelle McKenzie (right) winner of the National Calypso Competition accepts her prize from Cecil McKie Minister of Tourism

In relation to calypso, Adams said the tents are better organized and the Calypsonians Association continues to pursue their strategic development program.

“We saw the queen of calypso competition return this year and this is one that will continue,” said Adams who also noted that the Soca and Ragga Soca finals continue to attract a lot of attention with the young artistes challenging the veterans.

He said the energy of the competition is unmatched anywhere, but he is encouraging the artistes to use their creative talent to raise the standards of the lyrics and make the songs more acceptable to the public and the international market.

“If we can write and produce good clean music for the international market then we can do the same for Vincy Mas,” said Adams.

The 14 mas bands that participated in Vincy Mas were also rewarded for their contribution. For the first time, the Lynx Mas Band (Come Fly With Me), won the Winston “Samo” Samuel Band of the Year competition.

Adams said that as usual, persons witnessed a spectacle of traditional mas alongside a more modern costume display. He said the number of masqueraders increased and the CDC is now challenging the traditional bands to allow them to help market the bands to overseas masqueraders. He said that CDC is willing to work with these bands to grow numbers to make it financially viable for the traditional bands.

CDC pays over $600,000 to winners in Vincy Mas 2019
Cornelius ‘Pete’ Thomas (left) of Lynx Mas Band accepts his prize from Michael John of COMPSPORT, one of the sponsors of Vincy Mas

During the event, posthumous awards were given to Dr Edgar Adams and former Minister of Culture John Horne.

The winners in the J’ouvert competitions were also rewarded with the J’Ouvert Fanatics taking the majority of wins.

Kristian “Lil Kris” Christopher was rewarded for his win in the junior calypso primary school category while his sister Kristiana “Singing Kristy” Christopher was rewarded for her win in the junior calypso secondary school category. Junior Soca Monarch Teshia “Short T” Andrews received the Delroy “Fireman” Hooper Trophy for her win in the Junior Soca Monarch competition.

Shaunelle McKenzie was present to take home her winnings in the National Calypso Competition while Ragga Soca Monarch 2019 Hance John and Road March winner Rondy “Luta” McIntosh were also present.

“Overall we have managed to keep our shows well run,” Adams said while noting that the CDC continues to pay attention to several issues related to the festival with the aim of doing better.

“We continue to be challenged by finances as we try to run Vincy Mas with an annual revenue shortfall of close to EC$250,000.

“We appeal to the government of SVG and to our sponsors to raise the contribution so that we can treat our suppliers and components a little better next year,” said Adams.