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Survivor recalls of horrific accident

Survivor  recalls of horrific  accident
Accident victim Owani Haynes’ body lies on the road, draped in a sheet, next to the blue Toyota Rav 4, registration number RL163, in which he and four others were travelling. Inset right is Elton Andrews. He was sitting behind Owani Haynes, who was killied in the accident. (Inset) SURVIVOR Elton Andrews


Owani Haynes, an Arnos Vale man who was riding in the front passenger seat of a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) died over the weekend when the vehicle collided with a parked car.

Haynes and four other persons, 26-year-old Xarie Brereton, 26-year-old Elton Andrews, 13-year-old PJ Castello and another man who ran away from the scene of the accident, left the gas station located on the Fountain main road/Vigie Highway, sometime after 10 a.m. on Sunday, in a blue Toyota Rav 4 RL163.

Survivor  recalls of horrific  accident
SURVIVOR Elton Andrews was sitting behind Owani Haynes who died as a result of a tragic car crash.

The five never made it to their destination in Roseau where they were planning to return the rental vehicle owned by Hailie “Hot Sip” Anciant.

According to Andrews, who SEARCHLIGHT caught up with at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) on Monday, they were heading to Roseau via the Vigie Highway when Brereton (the driver), swerved to avoid a vehicle that had turned from the right lane onto the left side of the road to enter a gap.

Andrews said Brereton was unable to stop the SUV, so he swerved, hit a hole after which he (Andrews) hit his head and was knocked unconscious.

“I woke up at the hospital, so I don’t know what happened after that. Owanie shouldn’t have died that way,” Haynes said.

Reports are, after the driver swerved to avoid the vehicle that had turned into the gap, he lost control of the SUV and it struck a yellow parked Mazda car, PT 8383, owned by Una Sayers of Cane Hall.

Survivor  recalls of horrific  accident
Owani Haynes

The SUV overturned and persons on the scene managed to get it back on its four wheels after which they observed the injured Haynes. He died on the spot, bringing to two, the number of road fatalities here for 2019.

Andrews told SEARCHLIGHT that he was awaiting the results of an x-ray, but was expected to be released from the hospital yesterday. He said he suffered blunt force trauma to several areas of his body, and he was hoping that he has no long-term injuries.

Andrews was sitting behind Haynes during the crash.

In relation to the crashed SUV, some persons have alleged that the brakes may have been faulty and that the vehicle itself may have been in a state of disrepair.

The dead man, who was not wearing the seatbelt, is said to be the father of seven children, the youngest still a baby.

The first road fatality for 2019 happened on January 12 when 23-year-old Luke Browne fell from a truck in the Villa. He died days later at the MCMH.