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Magistrate dismisses charge against former fashion model

Magistrate dismisses charge against former fashion model


As of yesterday, Yugge Farrell is no longer a defendant, and one of the most followed court cases of 2018 has ended, as the year itself draws to a close.

Farrell was previously charged with using abusive language to Karen Duncan, the wife of the Minister of Finance, Camillo Gonsalves, allegedly saying to her “you dirty b**ch” on January 4.

Yesterday, Farrell taxied her way to the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, and dressed all in black, with a long black coat, and black gloves, she calmly walked inside, unhindered by a crowd.

This was unlike earlier in the year when the former model was admitted to the Mental Health and Rehabilitation Centre (MHRC) for a two week evaluation when she was first charged.

The second time she was admitted to the MHRC, a large crowd gathered outside the court, calling for her freedom. The defendant was eventually granted bail in the sum of $1,000 on January 29, and she was discharged from the centre with the recommendation that she receive out patient care.

Farrell came to court alone yesterday; she was not accompanied by either of her parents, and the only person she spoke to was defense attorney Grant Connell, who had represented her pro bono along with Barbadian Queen’s Counsel Andrew Pilgrim. She showed no signs of abnormal behaviour, and simply sat in the courtroom, and waited for her case to be called.

The complainant did not appear in court.

Magistrate dismisses charge against former fashion model
Former model Yugge Farrell (centre), dressed all in black, with a long black coat, and black gloves, makes her way through Kingstown after leaving the courthouse a free woman.

Prosecutor Corlene Samuel first indicated that the prosecution was withdrawing the charge against the defendant.

Connell was not satisfied with this, and stated, “Having regard to the many months that this matter has been hung over the defendant’s head, we are asking the court to dismiss this matter for want of prosecution.”

Without any indication from the prosecution, and without disclosure, the matter has remained stagnant for three weeks short of a year, he noted.

He said that by the prosecution’s actions, they were leaving the door open.

Attorney Kay Bacchus-Baptiste who was in the court at the time, rose to support the request by Connell that the case be dismissed. She added, “… Last week Wednesday, I got a letter from the DPP, signed by the DPP, and it was headed, “Dismissal.” It actually said dismissal; it was copied to you, so I support my learned friend that to protect the defendant, dismissal would be better.”

Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett stated that he had received the said letter. Further, he indicated that he was dismissing the matter against Farrell, for want of prosecution.

“You are free to go,” he ended.

Farrell was asked for a comment as she exited the court room, but she said that she had none. However, the young lady expressed her happiness by showing ‘rock on’ signs to the cameras.