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No police word yet on failed abductions

No police word yet on failed abductions


Up to press time, police were yet to release a statement about reports that an orange vehicle has been attempting to abduct women on the Windward side of St Vincent.

Earlier this week, head of the Police Public Relations Department Inspector Junior Simmons told SEARCHLIGHT that investigations are being carried out in relation to reports of attempted abductions. He said a statement would be made at a later date.

News of the attempted abductions began circulating last week when an online news site reported that on November 22, two female first form students from the North Union Secondary School were making their way back to school after lunch when they were approached by three males in an orange car who offered them a ride.

It was reported that when the girls refused, one of the men exited the car and the girls began running and were chased, but managed to make it back to school.

Since then other reports of an orange vehicle have surfaced online with similar stories of women being approached, panicking, running away and being chased.

SEARCHLIGHT contacted St Clair DosSantos principal of the North Union Secondary School on Monday but he said he could not comment on the issue. He said the November 22 incident had been reported to the Ministry of Education and he referred SEARCHLIGHT to that Ministry.

Minister of Education Jimmy Prince, when contacted said the incident was in fact reported to the Ministry and it is being looked at. He offered no more information.

On a Facebook post relating to the alleged attempted abductions, a Facebook user commented that a car with the same colour attempted to abduct her.

“They tried grabbing me at a dark corner on my way home, could hardly see ah thing, and the heavy rain had just come that time too,” the Facebook user posted.

Meanwhile persons are being encouraged to remain vigilant.