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Teens break into police station at Georgetown and steal exhibits


Two teenagers have executed a bold burglary against the Georgetown Police station, seemingly for their love of bikes.

Shemore James, 17 years, and Kevin Stapleton, 16 years old, both of Georgetown were caught after investigations following the break-in led to them.

James and Stapleton pled that they were guilty that they did, on October 22, enter the Georgetown police station, and steal three bikes, which were being kept as exhibits.

The facts given in court were that at 2 am, the police on duty checked the station, and everything was normal. However, at 5:45 am, it was noticed that the lock to the

room where the exhibits were being kept, was damaged, and the three bikes were missing. The two are thought to have entered through a window.

James reportedly told the court that one of the bikes was his bike, and that Stapleton had wanted to buy said bike from him when he had still had it in his possession. However, the bike was taken by the police, as evidence in another matter. James apparently said that they went to get the bike, so he could sell it to Stapleton.

Stapleton was said to have indicated that James was the one that suggested that they should break in to the station and get back his bike.

Senior Magistrate Rickie Burnett adjourned sentencing for next Monday.