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Gov’t imposes ban on used vehicles over 12 years old


With effect from May 1, 2018, a ban will be imposed on the importation of used motor vehicles over 12 years old.

Additionally, the vehicle surcharge on the importation of all motor vehicles older that four years will be increased by $1,000.

“This measure is expected to yield $1.2 million in additional revenue.

“…Over the years, the importation of used cars, older than four years, has increased tremendously. The phenomenon has increased traffic congestion and the number of derelict vehicles left abandoned along the roadways. For some time, we have resisted taking action on limiting the age of vehicles being imported,” Minister of Finance Camillo Gonsalves said during the 2018 Budget address on Monday.

The vehicle surcharge for motor vehicles for transportation of 10 or more persons, including the driver (heading 87.02), has seen an increase of $1,000 in all categories, with the new surcharges ranging from $5,000 to $6,200.

For motor cars and other motor vehicles (heading 87.03) principally designed for transport of persons other than those in 87.02, including station wagons, the surcharge has also been increased by $1,000, with the surcharge in this category now ranging from $4,450 to $6,500.