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Developer says he will write success story on St Vincent

Developer says he will write success story on St Vincent


A Palestinian investor and developer has promised to write a story of this country with his investments.

Chair and founder of Jihad Mohammad Investments (JMI) LLC Jihad Mohammad made the promise last Wednesday, during a meeting and press briefing at Cabinet Room.

“I don’t like the word investor. I like developer and in St Vincent, I am going to be a writer, if you don’t mind. I am starting to write a story; today is the first day and I can give you the title ‘St Vincent’…”, said Mohammad.

JMI is described as one of the most valuable investment companies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, with proven competencies in property, telecommunications and technology. JMI has a wide range of projects, including residential, commercial, retail and leisure.

Mohammad said his story in SVG is not going to be told on paper, but through the eyes of 10,000 Vincentians and his creation of 10,000 jobs that he is planning to provide in the next three to five years.

“This 10,000 people, you would meet them in the street; they can be your brother, your sister, your cousin, your aunt, whatever; they will tell you the story,” said Mohammad, adding, “I will stop at this point and let you live the mystery of the action, very soon, very, very soon. I am not talking long time. I think by the next quarter you will start see the action and you will start see our storytellers.”

He said that when work begins, people will say, “these people did this, these people did this and I am okay now, we are all okay.”

The businessman said that SVG is a lovely island and joked that he has already taken the oath of citizenship.

“I was told that I need to learn the national anthem and I depend on you Mr Saboto (Saboto Caesar, Minister of Agriculture) to provide me with this and the next time we meet we will sing it together,” joked Mohammad.

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves said JMI will send a team here in January to work out detailed plans in relation to the tourism development at Mt Wynne.

“I think when he has gotten all his details, he would talk in greater depth, but what he has shared with us is quite promising,” said Gonsalves.

Mohammad was part of a Palestinian delegation also comprising non-resident Palestinian Ambassador Dr Linda Sobeh Ali, vice-president Jihad Mohammad investments LLC Eyad Abu Ali, Hany Elqutub of Champions Real Estate Group and director-general of the Palestinian International Cooperation Agency (PICA) Imad Al Zuhairi.

The delegation also included a technical expert in the field of agriculture and seven specialist medical doctors.

On Wednesday, members of the delegation signed four agreements related to international corporation, a framework agreement, an agreement on health and an agreement on agriculture.(LC)