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Popular radio personality turns life around after diabetes diagnosis

Popular radio personality turns life around after diabetes diagnosis

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When he received his diabetes diagnosis, he was devastated.

But one year on, popular radio personality Dwight “Bing” Joseph has turned adversity into opportunity, and is now living a “sweeter” life.

Joseph, managing director of Boom 106.9 FM and the host of the OMG Morning Show, made the pronouncement on Sunday afternoon at the Grand View tennis court at Villa, during the staging of “Tennis for Hope.” 

He shared that his experiences with his medical condition have made him value life more and have added discipline to his habits.

“I know what it felt like when I was told that I have diabetes. I thought it was the end of the world, but it is really not….

“As a result, my whole lifestyle has changed… I don’t drink sweet drinks…. I find I have more energy now…. I am on a regimen; I only eat breakfast, lunch and dinner…, outside of that, I am not eating,” Joseph disclosed.

“It is something that I never expected to be hit with and it has impacted my life and as a result, I am very particular [with] my children,” he added.

Now a stickler for exercise, Joseph said, “I am an ambassador for exercising.”

But he admitted that the pathway to where he is now was not an easy road, as he withdrew and just wanted to be alone.

Recalling some of his episodes, Joseph said he took a one-month break from radio, as his condition got the better of him mentally.

“I remember going to bed. I would get really sick, because I am taking medication for someone whose diabetes is really high and at times

wanting to pass out…

“The entire [2017] Carnival I stayed at home, I didn’t go into Kingstown once…. I just wanted to be alone,” Joseph divulged.

He said it was then he decided to tackle his issues head on by reducing his weight through diet and exercise.

On the matter of exercise, Joseph praised his personal trainer Lindon James and the Be Fit Movement family, for their untiring support and encouragement in his mission.

Joseph said he has had such success with his exercise programme that his doctor encourages him to keep it going.

“I feel really great… I have gotten to a point now, where my doctor is putting me on a regimen, where instead of taking two insulin shots per day, I only take one…

“I have come so far that I don’t ever miss taking my medication,” Joseph said with a sense of personal gratification.

Cautioning others to be careful with their lifestyle, Joseph said forcefully, “I realized the hard way that life can be much sweeter with diabetes.”

Last Sunday’s event was staged to raise funds to assist persons living with diabetes, as well as to pay for 60 men to have their prostate checked.(RT)