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‘I cannot allow … criminals to stop me from doing my job’

‘I cannot allow … criminals to stop me from doing my job’


A matter in which a magistrate was informed of a threat against his life is being investigated by the police.

On Wednesday, magistrate Rickie Burnett told SEARCHLIGHT that when he turned up for work on Monday, November 6, he was told by a member of the constabulary that someone from South Rivers had said that he was going to shoot him.

Burnett said that the person who is alleged to have issued the threat is known to him, because that person was convicted of a crime last week at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court where he presides.

The magistrate said while he has received threats before, while stationed in the Marriaqua district, he is taking this one seriously, because of who the person who is alleged to have made the threat is.

Burnett said he is not afraid, but he is taking the necessary precautions to make sure he is safe.

“The job that I am doing, I cannot be scared. I have to do my job, but I will take the necessary action to protect myself. I cannot allow so-called criminals to stop me from doing my job,” Burnett said.

Burnett, who has been a magistrate for the last six years, said he has never been assaulted, but given the current climate in the country, threats have to be taken very seriously.

So far this year, 37 persons have died violently, most of them by firearms.  

“Once a threat is issued, the safest thing to do is to alert the police, so that they can have knowledge…in regard to what is happening in the country, you cannot take anything for granted,” said Burnett.

Once convicted in relation to a threat, a person can be imprisoned or fined.

The matter has been reported to the Colonarie Police Station and is under investigation.