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Catholics to hold silent candlelight peace walk


The Roman Catholic Diocese of Kingstown, in response to an increase in violent crime here, will next Friday, November 17, hold an ecumenical service and a silent candlelight walk.

The service will take place at the Cathedral of the Assumption on North River Road, beginning at 5 p.m., after which the walk will commence.

Participants will walk from North River Road up Grenville, Halifax and Granby Streets, turning right at James Street then right again, on to Bay Street. The walk will end at the Kingstown Methodist Church with a benediction.

Persons attending the walk are being asked to dress in black and /or white, only.

“It is the hope that white will be the predominant colour, being a sign of hope and light,” said Bishop County, who added in a letter to his flock that other Christian denominations and “people of goodwill” have been invited to join the walk.

Said the Bishop, “Our beloved country, St Vincent and the Grenadines, has seen an increase in very violent crime and particularly so over the last few months, especially among our young men.

“The recent gruesome and senseless murders have caused the nation much pain and anxiety, innocent lives lost, and families devastated.”

The Bishop added that in response, the month of November has been designated as a month of prayer and all parishioners are being asked to say special prayers for the nation at all masses and services. The month of prayer is expected to end on November 26 at the feast of Christ the King.