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If we weren’t praying, we would have been worse off – PM

If we weren’t praying, we would have been worse off – PM

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The National Day of Prayer is an effective tool in our efforts to deal with the recent spike in violent crime in our country.

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves expressed this view while making remarks at the 10th edition of the National Day of Prayer rally, which took place yesterday at Heritage Square.

“We have heard it from time to time that the Day of Prayer is a waste of time…, if we weren’t praying, the lamentations we have now would have been worse,” he opined.

The Prime Minister said even though these are trying times, we must not forget the good there is.

“So, we must not allow any lamentations to overpower the greatness or the faithfulness of our father and combining both faith and reason, we are taught that we must not allow any lamentations to crush us,” he said.

“We must not allow the lamentations to get the better of us. We must acknowledge what is happening, but we know what is also good and what is redeeming,” the Prime Minister said.

The main objective of the day was to bring the nation together in prayer through a number of activities, including: Interactive/On-air Prayers (via radio); Workplace Devotions; School Devotions; Individual Prayers at Heritage Square; Facebook Live Prayer Sessions; and Social Media ‘Post a Prayer’.

During yesterday’s rally, many religious and political leaders, educators and children of various ages prayed solemnly for various concerns and on behalf of different interest groups.

Some prayed for obedience, others for the youths and for consecration, while others prayed for protection against disaster, crime and violence in the country.

The youngest person to offer a prayer, a pre-schooler, asked for protection in Jesus’ name.

Student of the Bethel High School Natalie Cuffy prayed for obedience, so that persons will obey the law,

“…and you can give adults obedience, so that they can obey the laws of the country. And the politicians, so that they can obey the laws, so that they can set an example.”

Reverend Adolf Davis offered a prayer against crime.

“We pray that persons who are in the drug trade, that their consciences will be reactivated,” he intoned.

Remarks were also given by opposition parliamentarian Nigel Stephenson, who represented Leader of the Opposition Dr Godwin Friday, who was unable to attend. Stevenson, too, expressed the view that the National Day of Prayer was a necessity.

The event attracted a fair audience, who were jubilant during the worship segment and most reverent during the prayers. Some were compelled to raise a hand or say amen during pertinent parts of the prayers.

The annual event came just days after SVG recorded a spike in killings during September, most of which were gun related.

The theme of the day was based on Luke 15:18, “Arise and go to the Father,” and was chosen to call persons who had strayed from God’s teachings to return to him and discontinue their sinful ways.