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Mother of three shot multiple times at Murray’s Village

Mother of three shot multiple times at Murray’s Village


Today, Keisha Melville’s three children are without their mother, while her family and friends have been left with numerous questions.

Among those questions is what did Keisha do to deserve such a brutal death?

On Saturday night, at around 8 p.m., Melville, 27, was shot multiple times at Murray Village.

Reports are that as she walked in the public road, a gunman shot her twice in her head and when she fell, he pumped more shots into her body and stepped on her before making his retreat into the darkness.

Residents say that Keisha was returning from a friend’s home where she had gone to have her hair done. One person said Keisha may have received a telephone call minutes before she was shot.

On Monday, one of Keisha’s siblings, who prefers to remain anonymous because his sister’s death baffles and frightens him, told SEARCHLIGHT that he has no idea why someone killed his sister.

“I feel bad about this scene. I don’t know she been in problems with nobody. I don’t want to say my name because I duh know if is somebody out for we,” said the dead woman’s brother.

He said he last saw his sister on Saturday morning at home, after which she went into Kingstown.

“She was a good person, a hairdresser and thing, I don’t know wah happen dey. This looking like the crime situation out ah control,” said the confused man, who noted that he and his sister were close and lived in the same house.

Police are investigating Keisha’s murder, which brings the number of violent deaths here for the year to 28, and the number of women dying violently this year to six.

Simonia DaSilva was killed on Monday, September 4 at Fair Hall. Before that, Monique Clarke died on August 22, after being burnt on Sunday, August 13.

Vesta Rawlins of Bristol Road, Richland Park, died on August 8 after being stabbed and Shemeal Bowens of Ottley Hall was gunned down by unknown assailants on April 12.

The sixth victim is 66-year-old Deloris Campbell whose partially decomposed body was discovered at a house at Green Hill on July 21.