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Dougan gets judges nod in 2017 Courts Fashionista competition – See Page 10

Dougan gets judges nod in 2017 Courts Fashionista competition   – See Page 10


Tellisia Dougan wowed the judges and audience on her way to being named the Courts Fashionista Designer 2017.

Dougan, last Friday evening, walked away with the title and $2,500, ahead of the other nine competitors.

Each competitor had to design an outfit inspired by a piece of furniture in the Courts catalogue.

Dougan designed a three-piece outfit that was the crowd’s favourite, as the model effortlessly stripped off pieces, revealing different outfits at different points on the runway.

The model first appeared in what was a grey high and low dress with a gold waist band with a flower on the right breast; she then stripped away one layer, revealing a short dress with ruffles at the bottom; another layer was stripped away to reveal a short romper, while later, when the audience thought she was finished, she then pulled away the flower to reveal a purse.

The judges were Laferne Fraser, Jamal Jacobs, Sean Frederick and Beverly Arthur.

The designers were judged based on creativity, presentation, originality, similarity between sketch provided and actual design, craftsmanship, crowd response and biggest posse.

Third place winner was Owen Paul, who walked away with $500, while second place went to Chenice Hendrickson, who walked away with $1,000.

The other participants in the competition were Roger Brazil, Travern Adams, Rachel Caesar, Olecia Lynch, Sashe Rogers, Chelsea Bacchus and Zascha Robertson.

The competition, which is in its fourth year, is held every year and is a platform for young and upcoming designers to showcase their talent. Designers are, however, now only able to enter one year, to allow everyone an opportunity to enter.

The 2016 winner was Jamal Jacobs, who also won the competition in 2015.(JWC)

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