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ROC on Taiwan donates farming equipment to SVG

ROC on Taiwan donates farming equipment to SVG


The members of eight local farming co-operatives now have it a bit easier in the fields, thanks to a donation of farming equipment from the Republic of China on Taiwan (ROC).

Handed over last Monday at the decommissioned ET Joshua Airport were eight light cultivators, eight cultivators with wheels and eight power sprayers.

The recipients are the Pineapple Growers’ Co-operative, Rabacca Farms Co-operative, South Rivers High Quality Farmers Cooperative, Greiggs Multi Farming Cooperative, Rastafarian Progressive Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Limited (RASFARCO), Mouth Pleasant Farmers Cooperative, New Prospect Marketing Cooperative and South Windward Farmers in Action Producers.

Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, ROC, Ambassador Der-Li Liu was present at the handing over ceremony and noted that it was a great honour to be able to donate the agricultural machinery to farmers’ co-operatives.

He said that the machinery is very easy to handle, all made in Taiwan and suitable to manoeuvre in the hilly terrain in SVG.

Ambassador Der-Li Liu said all together, the machinery is expected to increase and improve the quality and quantity of agricultural cultivation in the country.  

During the ceremony, Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar expressed his gratitude for what he considers a generous gesture from the ROC.

“The friendly cooperation between our countries has a long history. For many years, the people of SVG have benefited from this bilateral relationship,” said Caesar.

The Minister said since the first agreement on agricultural cooperation was signed between SVG and the ROC in 1982, SVG has benefited from the introduction of innovative agricultural systems.

Caesar spoke about a significant investment in Orange Hill at the plant tissue culture lab, another investment in the vegetable seedling nursery, an agro-processing lab and the establishment of the various farmers’ co-operatives.

He said that the lab at Orange Hill, which has been there since 1995, has produced more than 10 million plantlets.

In relation the equipment, Caesar encouraged the co-operatives to put the machinery to good use, while co-operating with the Ministry of Agriculture to have them properly serviced.

The handing over ceremony also heard from Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, who said that the farmers have benefited and continue to benefit from the country’s relationship with the ROC.

Ten Totoya Coaster school buses, valued at over EC$2 million, were also handed over at the ceremony.(LC)ROC on Taiwan donates farming equipment to SVG