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NDP ESG nominee admits to abusing his former girlfriend

NDP ESG nominee admits to abusing his former girlfriend


Popular disc jockey and radio personality turned politician Colin “Hitman” Graham has admitted to physical abusing his former girlfriend Iyah Jacobs.

Graham’s on-air confession came one day after Jacobs, a student nurse, posted on her Facebook profile that she was a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of Graham.

“It’s about 3-4 years since I’ve met/dated the newly elected candidate for ESG, representing the New Democratic Party, SVG. The first year of the relationship was good, year two onwards? Not so good. I’ve been a victim of holistic domestic abuse and yes I have medical and police records as evidence,” Jacobs said in her post.  

On August 17, Graham was nominated by the New Democratic Party (NDP) members in East St George to represent them in the next general elections.

Graham’s on-air confession was broadcast live yesterday morning, during Hot 97.1 FM’s AM Mayhem talk show, hosted by the station’s owner Luke Boyea, Chris “2 Cool” Jones and Alex Barnwell.

Graham, himself a Hot 97.1 FM employee, congratulated Jacobs for what he considered her “brave and bold step” in coming out and addressing the issue of domestic violence.

“I want nobody, absolutely nobody, to vilify her, to abuse her on social media, to chastise her, to condemn her… more than anything else, we should lift her up and we should praise her for coming out and doing what she has done,” Graham said on air.

He added, “with that said, I am not here to deny anything or defend anything; we are all human beings and I am a man and we all make our mistakes and we all fall short from time to time and we have our shortcomings; we have both made our apologies to one another on a personal level, but I will take the opportunity again here now to apologize and to say sorry and to ask her for her continued forgiveness.”

Graham said that the issue of domestic violence is one that should be highlighted and he is proud of Jacobs’s courage, because there are many other instances of domestic abuse and violence against women that continue to fester in our country.

“I want persons out there now to use this present situation and this issue now of myself and Iyah Jacobs as a way and a means and a platform now for other women out there to come out. If you are in the situation, speak out about it and for persons who are in it, I know what it is, I know what it is like, I know the damage and the hurt and the pain it can cause and like I say, I make no apologies, we have to own up to our shortcomings and I have done that,” Graham continued.

He said Jacobs knows he is sorry and he will continue to grow as a human being, while accepting his wrongs and taking criticism. He added that if the people of East St George still want him as their representative, he will continue.

On Wednesday, Jacobs’s Facebook post was headlined “Topic of Today, Domestic Abuse: My Personal Story. (No more shade-throwing needed from you Facebookers)”

It also had a DISCLAIMER, “feel free to judge, share, repost etc”. 

“But how? Why haven’t you left? You sure must’ve loved it they might say! On the outside looking in, stupid is the perfect word for victims like me. I said it too when I looked on at what my mother allowed,” Jacobs wrote.

Jacobs said that on many occasions, she recommended therapy for Graham, but her attempts were futile. She said that she found a trusted therapist and received counselling and that helped “a little,” as she still practises some of what was taught.

She said that the post was in no way meant to harm Graham, but she decided to talk about domestic abuse, seeing that it has been the topic for a while now.

“I haven’t been so vocal about it, why not shed some light. My biggest wish is that Colin Graham finds holistic restoration/healing so nobody has to go through what I did. And as for me, my ways and all the damage the relationship has done, I hope to find restoration too. May we both have restored, peaceful and prosperous lives,” Jacobs ended.

She later removed the post and stated, “I was asked to remove my post for particular reasons and I did. At least I was heard and interventions will be made.”(LC)