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17 students take up scholarships

17 students take up scholarships


A new policy implemented by the Republic of China on Taiwan will give recipients of this year’s Taiwanese scholarships an opportunity to work in Taiwan.

Ambassador Baushaun Ger, while giving remarks at yesterday’s presentation ceremony for the 2017 scholarship recipients, told recipients to check their student visa to learn about the new policy.

“The new scheme aims to encourage the eligible foreign students to gain more hands-on experience and sharpen their Mandarin language skills,” he said.

“I hope many of you will utilize this new scheme; that is, when you come back to SVG, you will bring back with you not only a degree, but also working experiences and beautiful Mandarin you speak.”

The ambassador revealed that 19 students were initially awarded scholarships this year.

However, Ger stated that because of personal reasons, two are not able to accept the offer and so, only 17 will journey to Taiwan to pursue studies in a number of disciplines, including pharmacology, nursing, medicine, engineering, international finance, economics and journalism.

“We must nurture the young talents to be well-equipped with crucial skills and knowledge for their country’s future,” Ger said.

“We believe that for countries with limited natural resources, like Taiwan and St Vincent and the Grenadines, quality education plays a key role in national development.”

St Clair Prince, the Minister of Education, echoed similar sentiments, noting that past recipients of the scholarship have returned to St Vincent and are making significant contributions in their respective fields.

The Minister further stated that Taiwan has played an instrumental role in the development of education in this country.

Prince expressed gratitude to Taiwan for their continued support and urged students to work hard when they journey abroad to pursue their studies.

The Taiwanese scholarships are awarded through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China on Taiwan and the Taiwan ICDF.

In 2004, the first Taiwanese scholarships were awarded to three Vincentians. Since then, 126 students have benefitted from the programme.(BK)