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Search on for Union Island boatmen

Search on for Union Island boatmen


The search for two missing fishermen of Union Island has so far turned up nothing.

The men, 68-year-old Winston Langdon and 17-year-old Sheldon Gellizeau, went missing on Monday, after they left to go fishing in a single engine boat.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, Thomas Gellizeau, grandfather of Sheldon Gellizeau, said he was alerted by his daughter, Gellizeau’s mother, who asked him to get someone with an aircraft to conduct a search for her son and boyfriend.

“The next morning when I get someone to go and make a search, they tell me it is too late. They said that it would be a waste of fuel and time, because 12 hours already gone,” he said.

Gellizeau also said he was told an aerial search would be a waste, because it was unclear where and when the men went missing.

“The problem is we do not know what time they encounter problems….”

He also stated that he is unsure of what problems the men may have encountered.

The Union Island resident said Langdon and Gellizeau would usually return from fishing between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.

He stated that the men usually set a ‘palang’ (a long line with baited hooks attached at intervals) and go out further to do line fishing for about two hours before returning to take up the ‘palang’ and return to shore.

Gellizeau said he received word that the men were spotted off the coast of Canouan on the day they went missing.

“They don’t go out in the deep where those guys usually go and look for dolphin,” he stated.

Nonetheless Gellizeau is hoping and praying for the safe return of his grandson and Langdon.

“I try human being and I am not getting no help, so I try the man above.”

SEARCHLIGHT made multiple attempts to contact the Coastguard for more information, but our efforts were futile.(CM)