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Sion Hill stops fifth win for Starlift Steel Orchestra

Sion Hill stops fifth win for Starlift Steel Orchestra


The FLOW Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra dethroned arch-rivals Starlift Steel Orchestra last Sunday, stopping the band from Block 2000 in their quest to make it ‘Five in a Row’ as Junior Panorama (Community) champions.

Performing “Baila Sanka” by X-A-Dus, the FLOW Sion Hill Euphonium amassed a total of 247 points to move ahead of the other two bands who competed in the community division.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT after their victory, band leader Tillal Webb said Sunday’s victory was the most exciting one he has had for a long time in the junior competition.

“It feel great to us; is a wonderful win. The kids worked very hard and I’m very happy for them. Is one of the most exciting wins I’ve had in a long while for juniors,” an excited Webb said.

He said most of the players in the junior orchestra came from their annual summer pan programme.

The band leader said practice sessions were challenging, with the children having to juggle their studies with pan practice.

“But the younger ones put in the extra effort; they came to pan early [and] they practised hard.”

He said it was the children who gave him a spirit to work and pushed him.

“They always keep me coming to pan… making me smile every day, so I love that part…,” the Webb noted.

He indicated that several of his junior players will perform this coming Thursday with the senior team for Panorama at Steel and Glitter; Sion Hill are defending Senior Panorama champions.

Starlight Steel Orchestra, which is this year celebrating its 50th anniversary and had won the junior competition for previous four years, scored 242 points and was pushed into second place. They played ‘Winingest’, which was written and arranged by bandleader Kingsley “Hero” Roberts. In third place was Symphonix Steel Orchestra, led by Jomoro Francis. The band, based in Questelles, scored 235 points with their arrangement of “Siyabonga” by Jamsey P.