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Vermont man shot dead outside his home

Vermont man shot dead outside his home


by Chanolde Munroe

Residents of the Twenty Hill community of Vermont are questioning the motives behind the murder of one of their own, Brian Myers, who was killed yesterday morning between 7 and 7:25 a.m. at his home.

And, according to the Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Ruth Jacobs, it appears that the 38-year-old man died from a gunshot wound to the head.

“The information I received is that he tried to start the vehicle to go back in to finish up his dressing and when he go to start the vehicle, maybe he already started it, because it was running … he received, it would appear, a gunshot to the head…,” Jacobs told SEARCHLIGHT.

Myers’ aunt, Alvena Myers, told SEARCHLIGHT that Brian was her “good nephew,” who would do anything she asked.

“He was really nice to me, all of them; they have their way, but they always do for me. If he did sick and he die, I know, but just kill him like that, it really horrible,” she said, sobbing.

She stated that she doesn’t know of her nephew having any enemies or being involved in any gang activities.

“But, God knows, God in the midst of everything and everybody will know who is the killer.”

Myers said she last spoke to her nephew the morning he died, when he called to say he had left some money for her to buy him some biscuits.

“Then, afterward, somebody call me…and tell me like somebody shoot Brian,” she said.

Family friend Avete Small described Myers as a ‘cool’ and ‘popular’ guy, who was never a troublesome person.

She explained that his death is sad, because as a mother, she feels all mothers’ pain.

Valcina Providence, who is Myers’ relative and neighbour, stated that after learning of his death, she had to take her blood pressure medication to calm down.

“Brian was very cool; he does make his joke. I never know him as a troublesome person, so when I get the message this morning and hear Brian get killed, I was like ‘tell me not true’,” Providence said.

She added: “I feel real sad, because I never know Brian was such a bad person to get that kind of brutal death.”

Myers’ girlfriend, who was present, was not in a frame of mind to speak.

A post-mortem examination is expected to be performed to ascertain the cause of death.Myers is the 14th murder victim for 2017.