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Bequia trio achieve firsts for their school

Bequia trio achieve firsts for their school


After an absence of two decades, the Bequia Anglican Primary School has returned to the list of top 10 performers in the national primary school exit exam.

In addition to this, three of the school’s students recorded perfect scores, one in each of the three subject areas in the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA).

Naima Dara Simmons is the school’s top performer, securing the fourth position for girls and seventh overall. She is also the only person in the country to record 100 per cent for Science in the 2017 exam.

When SEARCHLIGHT sat down with the 11-year-old yesterday, she revealed that she has a passion for mathematics although Science returned the better grade.

Naima revealed that she decided to place a special emphasis on Science because she was doing well in the other subjects and although she got her lowest grade in mathematics, she is happy with her results.

She scored a 98 per cent pass in Language and 96 in mathematics.

Naima, who wants to be a Pharmacist, described the examinations as “easy” and credited her success to additional reading and extra time studying.

Her mother, Donette Simmons said her daughter never fell below fourth place since she started school. “I’m all the adjectives you could think about, I’m happy, excited, proud,” said the mother, who also noted that Norris Ollivierre, Naima’s father, also played a role in her daughter’s success.

Josene Osbourne, Naima’s Science teacher, revealed that Naima was the first student in the school’s history to gain 100 per cent in Science. Obsourne said Naima remained consistent throughout the year and although elated, she expected the results.

SEARCHLIGHT also spoke with Oslyan Sonia Elizabeth Ollivierre, the 11-year-old who not only placed sixth for girls and 11th overall, but was the only person in the country to record 100 per cent for Language.

“I feel very excited because I wasn’t really expecting to get 100 in Language because Science is my strong area,” an excited Oslyan said.

“But I am very happy getting 100 in Language because the profession that I want to be is a lawyer and if you want to be a lawyer you have to be able to speak properly.”

Oslyan said that when she got home from school she would usually take a short break, say a prayer and begin her studies. She would also review whatever work she did in school the previous day with her mother Sonia Ollivierre, who was also present during the interview.

However, Oslyan disclosed that although she studied, her mother would make sure she went to bed at an appropriate hour.

Oslyan returned an average of 96.2 per cent with a 96 per cent pass in Science and a 94 per cent pass in mathematics. Her father Osley Ollivierre, who works on the Norwegian cruise line, also helped her with her studies.

During the interview, Sonia said that her daughter has always been an exceptional student and thanked God as well as the teachers for her daughter’s good grades.

Oslyan is the first student to secure a perfect grade in Language at the school.

The third student to achieve a perfect score was Kerese Kayla Mariah Cozier who is the first student in the school’s history to secure a perfect grade in mathematics.

“I feel very pleased with my performance, I’m very excited,” an elated Kerese told SEARCHLIGHT.

She is one of six students who achieved 100 per cent in mathematics in the 2017 CPEA.

“I usually try to see if I could study at least a subject every single day and I usually like pay attention in class.”

Kerese returned 88 per cent in Science and 82 per cent in Language. She placed 37th for girls and 58th overall.

She said her math teacher, Anthony Compton, who is her mathematics teacher helped tremendously.

Compton, who was present during the interview said he structured his teaching methods so that he could cover the entire curriculum and also did extra classes with the children.

Kerese’s mother Resabel Chambers told SEARCHLIGHT that she is excited and proud about her daughter’s results and is anticipating her next step.

Chambers, who is pursuing studies in primary education at the Division of Teacher Education of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College said that she used the strategies she learned in college to help her daughter improve. She noted that her daughter is a lover of books and had always aspired to attend the St Vincent Girls’ High School.

Headteacher of the Bequia Anglican Primary School Gillian Graham could not hide her delight at the results. “The teachers have worked like they usually would,” she commented.

Graham attributed this year’s success to the prayers and the encouragement she gave students and teachers throughout the school year.

“We have a very hard working staff of qualified teachers and I would really like to commend our teachers. They come early in the morning, they give extra classes, free of cost; extra classes every afternoon and any student who needs extra help the teachers are always ready and that is the attitude from Kindergarten right up,” Graham said.