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5 KPS students in CPEA top ten

5 KPS students in CPEA top ten


This year, the Kingstown Preparatory School (KPS) has five students in the top 10 of the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) and 85 students in the top 500.

In the top five were Rosario Browne, Joshua Harry, Aneilia Cato, Denil Joseph and Nicholai Williams.

Browne placed first for boys and first overall of the students who sat the exam. The Ratho Mill resident, the son of Ranold and Rosalind Browne, recorded 96% for mathematics, 98% for Science and 98% for Language to top the CPEA for his school and country.(see accompanying story).

Joshua was third for boys and sixth overall, Aneilia fourth for girls and seventh overall and Denil and Nicholai were both fourth for boys and ninth overall.

Joshua, the son of Pastor Kelron and Dr. Roanne Harry, hails from Dorsetshire Hill and earned himself a grade of 100% in mathematics and 94% for both Language and Science.

He attributes his performance to lessons in mathematics from his father, instructions from his teachers at school and help from his mother.

When asked how he felt, Joshua, not a boy of many words, said, “It’s fine. I am happy and proud with the maths.”

He wants to become a veterinarian because he likes animals and is hoping to pursue his secondary school education at the St Vincent Grammar School (SVGS).

Joshua plays soccer and cricket. He is a member of the KPS school soccer team and the K and R Strikers.

Aneilia had 92% for science, 98% for mathematics and 96% for language.

“I feel very elated. I always expected I would do well. I want to go to the Girls’ High School (GHS),” the daughter of Albert and Kathy-Anne James told SEARCHLIGHT on Monday.

Aneilia also revealed that she wants to become a paediatrician, “because [she] would like to take care of little children so they can grow up and become the new generation.”

She attributes her success at CPEA to the fact that she did extra work at home and went to classes after school. “I continued to watch TV but I put it aside to do extra work,’ she commented.

Denil described himself as “very excited and happy.” The Largo Height resident is the son of Deborah and Cornelius Joseph and plans to move on to the SVGS.

“I plan to become a civil engineer to build bridges and railways,” said the 11-year-old who added that his

success came through hard work, extra lessons, practice and studying on weekends.

“I always thought I would place very high,” he told SEARCHLIGHT.

Nicholai, from Yambou, had 94% for Language and Science and 96% for mathematics.

“I feel at a loss for words, I don’t know what to say. I know that I was going to do well,” said the son of Nathaniel and Laverne Williams on Wednesday.

“I would like to thank my parents and almighty God. I know I had to put away most of my gadgets and do extra work. It was not easy but I came through,” said the aspiring SVGS student.

Nicholai said that he has not put much thought into his future career but would not mind becoming a footballer. He is a member of the Systems 3 Football Academy and his school team. He plays as a midfielder and winger. He is currently taking part in the national Under-11 tournament.

The 123 students who sat the exam from the KPS had six teachers working with them in Grade Six, in the persons of Suzette Hoyte-Holder, Gloria Endeavour, Pearlina Robertson-Carrington, Fiona Charles, Paul Jocelyn and Desiree Hope Ollivierre.

Hoyte-Holder said that she was elated with the results as the teachers prepared the students well, while most of the parents worked along with the students.

“There were times when we had to come early and also work on Saturdays, it was a daunting task and they have done well and we are extremely proud,” said Hoyte-Holder who added that of the 123 students who sat the CPEA from KPS, 119 passed.

“They were taught to put God first in everything as God did not give them a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind and that they can do all things in Christ to strengthen them. There was a lot of work, but there had to be a time for God first and foremost,” stressed Hoyte-Holder.

Charles said that she was ecstatic about the results.

“We worked very hard in Grade Six for the past year. We are just happy because it is a lot of hard work and sacrifices,” she said while adding that the school had a 97% pass rate, better than last year.

“It is a holistic approach that required a lot of hard work from teachers, students and parents. They worked tirelessly towards their goals,” said Charles.

Deputy Headteacher Janice Gilkes said that she would not only like to commend the Grade Six teachers but all the teaches from kindergarten to Grade Six while Headteacher June Russell said that this is the first time since CPEA was introduced that the KPS has registered the top student.

Russell said that no other school has ever recorded five students in the top ten in one year. “We are very proud of the school’s performance,” she stated. (LC)