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‘Vincentians do not like what they are seeing’ – Dr Friday

‘Vincentians do not like what they are seeing’ – Dr Friday


Vincentians are concerned about the level of public accountability in their country.

In fact, according to Opposition Leader Dr Godwin Friday, citizens are not happy with what they are seeing.

“The citizen sees what is happening,” Friday said. “Vincentians … do not like what they see.”

The president of the New Democratic Party (NDP) said during a press conference on Wednesday that after a similar event on April 19, when the subject of national accountability and transparency was raised, it sparked a national debate.

“It has been actively taken up by the press, politicians, pundits and ordinary citizens,” Friday added.

He said too that the issue has resonated with Vincentians of all walks of life, who are witnessing gross mismanagement by the Government.

“They see rampant, violent crime spiralling out of control, they see theft, they see corruption, exploited workers, unemployment, bad roads, poor and declining health services, schools falling apart, increasing VAT, increasing prices in the shops, dwindling incomes, businesses closing down seemingly every Monday morning,” Friday said.

He argued that the lives of Vincentians are getting progressively harder, while “the lives of a privileged handful of people are improving by leaps and bounds.

“This disparity between the haves and the have nots – the trend in this country over the past 16 years under the Unity Labour Party (ULP) administration of hardship increasing on most Vincentians, while the privileged few enjoy fat contracts, duty free concessions and all manner of new business opportunities – must be a matter of grave concern to any serious and decent person,” Friday said.

He stated he believes that is why the matter of accountability has taken hold of the public’s imagination.