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Vincentians now paying more for LPG

Vincentians now paying more for LPG


V incentians are now paying more for cooking gas, in one case $28 more for a 95 pound cylinder.

The increases took effect two days ago and, according to the Agency for Public Information (API), are intended to “reflect the average spot prices in the months of December 2016, January 2017 and February 2017”.

The price of the 100 pound liquefied petroleum gas cylinder in area one (Kingstown to Campden Park), area three (beyond Langley Park to Fancy and beyond Keartons to Richmond) has increased from $159.45 to $178.10, while in area four (the Grenadines) the price has moved from $180.45 to $199.10.

The Petrocaribe 95 pound cylinder in areas one, two and three went from $138 to $145, while in area four there has been a whopping $28 jump, from $138 to $166.

The 25 pound container in area one jumped by 11 per cent, from $39.85 to $44.50. In area two, the price moved from $40.85 to $45.50; in area three, from $41.85 to $46.50; and in area four, from $44.85 to $49.50.

The 22 pound Petrocaribe LPG cylinders increased from $29 to $33.50 in area one, $34.50 in area two, $35.30 in area three and $38.50 in area four.

The price of a 22-pound cylinder in area one has increased from $32.90 to $36.60, in area two from $33.90 to $37.60, in area three from $34.90 to $38.60 and in area four $37.90 to $41.60.

The statement reminded Vincentians that under the Price Distribution of Goods Act, “no person shall sell, buy, or agree to sell or buy any goods at a price greater than the maximum fixed price of that good”.

Any person who is convicted of contravening this act is liable to be fined up to $3,000.

Sellers are required to provide customers with a receipt or delivery slip showing date of sale, quantity and type of LPG cylinder.