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BHS shows appreciation to nine twins

BHS shows appreciation to nine twins


The Bethel High School Student Council showed appreciation to the nine sets of twins who attend the institution, as part of the Child Month activities on May 3, 2017.

The school recognizes that despite obvious similarities of identical twins, their differences can be astounding. This activity was used by the Student Council to enlighten the staff and the student body about twins and their social relationship as siblings.

The siblings were asked questions about each other’s likes and dislikes.

The fraternal twins and the identical twins share a very close relationship and some indicated that they do have ‘twin intuition.’ Research has shown that twins are hyper-socialized from birth, making their relationship a lot different from that of other family relationships.

Over the years twins have been attending Bethel High School, but this time around it is very uncommon and unique at the same time to have this many twins enrolled at the school.

The school presented each twin with cakes that were donated by a past student of Bethel High School.