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Man on his way home shot three times by unknown gunman

Man on his way home shot three times by unknown gunman


Shot and killed last Friday, March 31 at Pasture Road, Greiggs, Amin ‘Busy’ Glasgow’s past may have come back to haunt him.

“Two months ago, he said he doesn’t want to go back to prison and he would do his best and he really was trying and was showing change,” Amin’s mother, Leonie Johnson, told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday, while standing in the yard of her Pasture Road, Greiggs home, surrounded by family members.

On Friday night, around 10.30, three shots rang out and when the noise died down, Amin lay dead on a dirt path that led to his home. Two of the bullets, fired from the gun of a man who hid his identity with a black hooded sweatshirt, caught Amin in the head and neck, while another shot hit him in his upper torso.

The shooter then fled through the banana field from which he emerged and disappeared without a trace. Persons who saw the killer flee said that he must have known the area very well. as he showed no signs of being confused about where he was going.

Amin’s mother said that her son was the father of a six-year-old boy and he would have celebrated his 32nd birthday on December 2 this year.

She said that growing up, Amin had his problems and run-ins with the law, but he was determined to make a change in his life and had recently got a job with the SVG Cocoa Company and had even invested in a pig to help with his finances.

Things were really looking up for Amin, as his sister had recently gifted him with some blocks to help him begin construction of a house for him and his son.

“I used to always counsel him and I never give up on him and the other day he said, ‘mommy, if I used to listen to you, I would be a better person’. These days he used to always have his Testament reading,” Leonie told SEARCHLIGHT.

“I feel real bad, though he might be troublesome, he never rude to me. He never frowns if I ask him to do something; he was a very good child to me, I’m not telling no lie,” added Leonie who noted that she and her son would sometimes talk about life and he would understand when she spoke to him about being more positive.

“I’m very sorry it had to be this way. I didn’t want that to happen to him and I would like to get justice for my son,” stressed Leonie, who at those words could no longer hold back tears and wept openly.

“I will like every young person to accept Christ, as this world has nothing to offer and people just losing their lives like that; it could happen to anyone,” said the bereaved mother.

Oneal Johnson, Amin’s father, said that he spoke to his son regularly and he could see the change in him.

“I feel real bad, because he is my only son out of five children…he done change…start to work and start to make preparation to be a man, and them just kill him off,” said Oneal, who added that although he is not someone who cries easily, it was hard to see his son shot up and dead in the dirt.

Nickelia Prince, Amin’s girlfriend, was walking with him when he was gunned down. She said that they were on their way home when she saw a man in a black ‘hoody’ come out of a banana field. She said that she looked behind her and when she looked forward again the man was backing her and he fired three shots.

“I screamed and ran,” said Nickelia, who said that she has no idea who shot her boyfriend, as she did not recognize the shooter.

“I feel very sad. He always makes me happy. He been done change and he always say me and he mommy always believe in him and trust him,” stressed Nickelia, who was with Amin for a year and two months before his death.

Amin’s aunts Charmine Baptiste and Millicent Johnson and his cousins Taryn Johnson and Niasha Glasgow all supported the claim that although Amin was troublesome, he had changed his ways and was on the straight and narrow.

Charmine declared: “I’m lost. I can’t even eat. We were close. He always had a broad smile. Everybody could see the change in him”.

She said that he would sometimes ask for the Bible and the fact that he was heading home on a Friday night at 10.30, when there was a fete in the area, spoke volumes of the different path he was on.

Amin is the sixth person to have been murdered here this year and the third to be killed violently last week.

His death may have brought to reality the words of rapper Tupac Shakur in his hit song “Changes”: “…I always got to worry about the payback, some punk that I roughed up way back, coming back after all these years.”

In relation to the murder, the police are asking anyone who may have information that could assist with the investigation to call the Criminal Investigation Department (45-61810), the Major Crimes Unit (45-71211 Ext. 220) or any police station.