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Ottley Hall woman claims police broke down her door, searched home illegally

Ottley Hall woman claims police broke down her door, searched home illegally


Ottley Hall resident Alisha Browne is claiming that the police did not show her a warrant before they broke down her door and searched her house on March 10.

Browne recorded the search of her home with a handheld device, then posted it on social media site Facebook.

The video shows a police officer breaking down Browne’s front door and officers entering the house, fully armed, while persons, including Browne, loudly protest.

But according to Browne, while she has been chastised and called names on social media for refusing to open her door for the police, she claims that she was not shown a warrant and the police had no right to break down her door and enter her home.

he would like her door replaced and has filed a report with the Police Public Relations Department.

According to Browne, five days earlier, on March 5, police came to her home with a warrant, and on that occasion, she let them in.

She said they searched, found nothing illegal and left. She said that they were looking for her boyfriend Kieron Bowens.

But Browne claims that last Friday she was at home around 8 a.m. when she heard a pounding on her window and when she opened, a gun was shoved in her face and a police officer kept telling her to open her front door. She said that she asked for a warrant but despite none being shown to her, the police searched her house anyway.

She said that she was told by a police officer that a neighbour had informed them that her boyfriend was in the house.

Browne’s neighbours, Karen and Shemeal Bowens supported Browne’s claim that the police did not show a warrant.

Karen said that in her opinion some bad police officers, who do not like to follow the rules, are making it bad for good policemen.

She said also that these days people don’t trust the police because sometimes they do not keep information they get confidential.

When contacted on Monday, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department Ruth Jacobs said that the police had a warrant and therefore the right to search the house.