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Remains of Barrouallie man found in Johnson Mountains

Remains of Barrouallie man found in Johnson Mountains


Fillon “Old School” Gordon will never realize his dreams.

The Keartons, Barrouallie man has gone down in history as the second man to be murdered in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) in 2017.

On Wednesday, March 1, at around 11:30 a.m., police received an anonymous phone call, informing them of a partially decomposed body in the Johnson Mountains, Belle Isle.

After Gordon’s body was found by police, it was taken to the morgue, where one of his sisters, Josette Bacchus, identified him by the clothes he was wearing – a pair of blue denim pants, silver soccer shorts and blue boxers.

A post mortem on Gordon revealed that he had died as a result of exsanguination (severe loss of blood) from a shotgun injury to the chest. A number of persons have since been detained and questioned about Gordon’s death, but up to press time no one has been charged.

On Wednesday, speaking from her Barrouallie home, Josette said that she and her brother were very close and she last saw him on Sunday, January 26.

“I was shocked, speechless and I break down and cry when I saw him. To me, he was friendly; to me, he was loving and love to joke. When you are sad he cheers you up,” said Josette of her eldest brother.

She said that she has no idea who shot him or why they would want to shoot him. “Could be jealousy,” she offered.

“I never expected anything like this. He preferred being by himself and I know he was determined and had dreams and plans,” said Josette, who revealed that the last time she spoke to her brother he asked her how she was doing and touched her on her shoulder and told her he would see her later.

Josette said that she misses her eldest brother and that Fillon had five sisters and three brothers.

“I leave everything in God’s hand and one day somebody would come to justice,” commented Josette.

Another of Fillon’s sisters, Latoya Caesar, described her brother as “a cool guy”. She said that while everybody has their faults, her brother was most of the time a jovial 35-year-old, who would have been 36 in July.

Latoya said that she last saw her brother on Monday, February 27.

“We were close; he does move good with me and I have no idea why anybody would want to kill him,” said Latoya, who noted that her brother was a farmer.

She said that the last memory she has of her brother is him joking with their mother about a dream a woman had about him winning some money and him promising to bring some yams for their mother.

“When we heard the news, my heart drop and when I remember the good times, I feel it. It’s not like he was missing or anything; he just dead just so,” said Latoya.

Fillon’s grandmother Louise Gordon said of her grandson, “he was a nice and caring young man. I did love him, anywhere he come from I could send him out and he go and come back.”

She said that when she heard that Fillon had died she could not believe and had to ask over and over again if the news was true.

“I can’t cry, but I did feel so bad I can’t explain. I did love him very much,” said Louise.

Fillon will be buried this Saturday at the Barrouallie cemetery after a 2 p.m. church service at the Grace and Truth Assembly in Barrouallie. There will be no viewing of the body.(LC)