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Mother seeking help locating missing son


Beatrice McFee is pleading with the public to help her locate her missing son.

McFee visited SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday and said that her 37-year-old son, Terrance McFee, has been missing since the third week in January.

The upset mother said that when she last saw her son he was wearing a brown T-shirt, off-white and brown short pants and brown slippers.

McFee said that when she last saw him, he had come to visit her and she had sent him to reap some dasheen from her farm in Kilburney.

“From that time til now me nah see him; all me hear dem say, he two slippers… dey by the gate to go down by the mountain,” she stated.

McFee said that although she fears that her son might be dead, she is still hopeful that she could get information on his whereabouts.

The worried mother said that her son has a scar on one of his shoulders, a surgical scar on his stomach, a scar on his jaw and had only one eye.

Anyone with information can call telephone numbers: 431-0563 or 525-5069.