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Glen man shocked to death at Villa

Glen man shocked  to death  at Villa


Widow Monette Craigg-Tittle is encouraging persons to always be kind to one another, as death can creep up on you at any time.

“Sometimes you leave home, you don’t know if you coming back,” Monette said to SEARCHLIGHT last Tuesday, while sitting in the living room of her Glen home.

Monette is the wife of Andrew “Perry” Tittle. Andrew, a painter, was on Monday, March 6 electrocuted while working at the Balcombe’s estate at Villa.

According to Monette, she was at work on Monday morning when she received a phone call telling her that her husband had fallen from a ladder and died. She said that she was later told that her husband was painting while standing on a ladder, at which time he lost his balance and held on to an electrical wire which shocked and killed him.

Monette said that despite a few ups and downs, her husband was an honest, hard-working man who took care of her two children from a very young age, although they were not his.

“I feel so down when I got the news because I could not deal with it. It is painful news; he didn’t deserve to die like this,” Monette commented.

She said that she and Andrew were married in April 2010 and like many couples had their issues, but would always work things out.

“I can’t give him any bad name; he was a good person who took care of my two children from since they were around 2 or 3; now they are 19 and 18 and he took care of them. They take it real sad; my son couldn’t believe”, said Monette.

“I just feel so sad to know he gone. He always said he love me and he always give me good encouraging words and wanted peace to reign. He always wanted to be a family,” Monette confided, holding back tears.

“Everybody know him as a cool person; everybody loves him and give him a good name. He was a good painter,” said Monette of her husband, who was originally from Chapmans Village.

Monette revealed that she would be trying to have her husband returned to his home village for his burial, as he had always said if he died he wanted to be buried there.

Andrew celebrated his 41st birthday last January 27.

Owner of the property Eric Balcombe could not be reached for a comment, but a release from the Police Public Relations Department on Tuesday said that they are investigating the incident and awaiting the results of a post mortem.

“The police is encouraging tradesmen, other artisans to utilize the proper protective gears when plying their trade,” said head of the Police Public Relations Department Hawkins Nanton in a release.

Andrew was the second person in a 48-hour period to lose his life by electrocution. On Saturday, at around 9:15 a.m., Nicholson “Popo” John of Biabou was electrocuted while carrying out work on a construction site. (LC)