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Amgine to meet with Bequia Committee today to resolve issue

Amgine to meet with Bequia Committee today to resolve issue


Amgine Entertainment is not backing down following refusal by the Bequia On-Shore Activities Management Committee (BOAMC) to sanction their AM Dawn fete which is being advertised for Monday April 17 on Bequia.

But instead, the promoter will meet today with BOAMC to try to resolve the issue which has prompted some to say that the confusion and bacchanal usually associated with Vincy Mas have spread to the Bequia Easter Regatta.

Chair of the Bequia On-Shore Activities Management Committee (BOAMC) Agustus Carlos Williams says the rise in fete type activities on the Grenadine Island over the last five years has created problems for a number of homeowners and tourists with complaints of loud music dominating the list of issues.

The BOAMC therefore decided to limit the number of activities held over the Easter weekend and as a result only 10 of the 45 activities that promoters want to stage have been approved.

One of the activities not sanctioned is Amgine Entertainment’s breakfast party called “AM : Dawn”, although Amgine’s other event RUM has been acknowledged by the BOAMC.

Despite not being sanctioned, the promoters of AM:Dawn have been advertising the event, prompting the BOAMC last Friday to issue a stongly worded press statement which threatened action against those attempting to stage events that are not sanctioned by them.

“…Events that are being advertised on air, in the printed press or online without the proper authorization is in breach of your agreement with the committee, is a direct assault on the mandate of the committee, a blatant disregard for the welfare of all residents of Bequia, and an offence of the laws of St Vincent and the Grenadines for the governance of such activities.

“This is indeed unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Know that you will be fittingly responded to and the consequences of action appropriated by the committee and the community. Promoters are reminded that the committee reserves the right to revoke its support and sanction for any event, promoter and or company found in breach of the same,” said Williams in the BOAMC release.

But in a response on Monday, Kevin Robinson of Amgine told SEARCHLIGHT that his organization only put out their advertisements after they were informed by their legal team that the BOAMC could not legally stop them from staging their event once they had police permission and were within the laws of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

He said after receiving this information, they began their marketing effort.

Robinson stressed that Amgine prefers to have peace, unity and love between them and the BOAMC and despite everything, would like to have them sanction the event.

He has therefore arranged a meeting with the BOAMC for this afternoon (Tuesday) at 5 p.m. on Bequia to try to amicably resolve the issue.

Speaking on Hot 97.1 FM on Monday morning, Williams said the fete type activities go against the essence of the Easter Regatta and the committee listened to the complaints and is of the opinion that if they do not act, the community’s yachting sector could be damaged.

He said that the people of Bequia have been asking for a balance for the longest while and the committee is seeking to strike that balance and has the support of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Herman Belmar, deputy director of Grenadines Affairs and the St. Vincent and the Tourism Authority (SVGTA).

He said that the groups met and decided on a way forward and a number of guidelines were put in place which include leaving Princess Margaret Beach as a noise free zone on April 17 and only allowing one event per promoter.

In relation to Amgine, Williams said the venues submitted for AM: Dawn were checked out and the BOAMC was told by the owners of two of these venues that AM: Dawn was not being held at these venues.

He said Amgine responded after the deadline given to list the venue had passed, yet Amgine’s RUM was still accommodated. However, AM: Dawn’s venue was eventually listed as the Princess Margaret beach area, which the committee had already designated a quiet zone.

Williams said that instead of discussing the issue with the BOAMC and coming to an amicable resolution, Amgine, which is part owned by Robinson, circumvented the BOAMC and went to other parties with the aim of getting permission to host their event.

This move did not sit well with Williams, who said it seems as though some people think that the BOAMC is irrelevant and the people of Bequia are irrelevant.

He said that Amgine has contributed to the Easter Regatta but, “Easter will never be Amgine and Amgine will never be Easter and Easter will never become a model of Amgine.”

Events so far listed as having been sanctioned by the BOAMC are Mojito party (Friday April 14), R.U.M. Party (Saturday April 15), “CASTAWAY” (Saturday April 15), Party Nation Private Event (Saturday April 15), Mutiny (Sunday April 16), Famous (Sunday, April 16), LIMERZ CRUISE (Sunday April 16) and Monday April 17th (Nekes Cooler Breakfast Party at Industry Park/Bay from 8 am to 2 pm.