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Two Vermont men freed of murder charge

Two Vermont men freed of murder charge


Malcolm Pollin and Mark Weekes yesterday walked out of the Serious Offences Court grinning from ear to ear as the murder charge against them was withdrawn.

On July 25, 2016, Pollin and Weekes were part of a group of Vermont men charged with the shooting and chopping murder of Kamau Jones.

They were jointly charged with Bridon Joseph, Courtney Joseph, Shemai Joseph, Lennox Andrews and Andres Cuffy, who were charged on July 29, 2016.

All of the men have been in police custody awaiting the beginning of a Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into Jones’ murder since their arrests. However, yesterday as the PI began, Prosecutor Elgin Richards informed the court that the crown would be withdrawing the charges against Pollin and Weekes. Both men exited the court to group of exultant Vermont residents, who embraced them when they heard the news.

Meanwhile, as the PI began, the remaining five accused were engaged in a heated cross-examination with Mel Gordon, an elderly woman of Vermont, who testified against them. Their intense questioning ran for more than an hour, forcing the court to go past the time it usually closes.

Additional persons are expected to testify on March 8, 2017, when the PI continues. (AS)