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Bajan hotelier sings praises of Vincentian accident victim

Bajan hotelier sings praises of Vincentian accident victim


Carianne Padmore, whose funeral service was held last Saturday, has been described as “a great intern” by a representative of the Crane Resort of Barbados.

Sean Alleyne, general manager, said at the Resort, they loved Carianne and were impressed with her love for cooking.

He said that although Carianne was there for a short time, the kitchen staff was so impressed by her that they would allow her, on numerous occasions, to finish tasks on her own.

“When Carianne started her shift, she would work right through without taking a break. Many times the staff would have to send her to get something to eat. Her reasoning was always ‘I don’t want to miss out on anything’.”

He said that she always boasted about wanting to be as good as her mother, but the executive chef always told her that she should aim to be better.

“Carianne was bright, dedicated, hard-working, focused and fun loving. Although ‘CC’ spent a short time with the Crane family, we know that she enjoyed her internship and the time she spent in Barbados. We know she is in heaven, but we also know God would be having some of his best prepared meals ever,” he stated.

Eighteen-year-old Carianne was one of three female students of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College (SVGCC) who died in an accident involving a car and a van in Christ Church, Barbados on January 29, 2017.

She had just completed a six-week internship at the Crane Resort and was scheduled to return home the day the accident happened.

At the funeral service, which was held at the New Prospect Infant School, the sermon was delivered by Pastor Harold Allen.

He said the death of a student can unnerve other students and challenge their feelings of security.

He noted that change is the only constant and one of the most devastating changes is perhaps the loss of someone we love.

He said that burying his good friend was not an easy thing for him to do. Allen recalled that Sunday when Carianne told him she wanted to give her life to Christ after she told him that his sermon had spoken to her heart.

“[It] sorta surprised me, because I know Carianne is a quiet person who don’t speak much. And, I started telling her God meets people anywhere and I was fortunate to be the person to baptize her.”

Delivering the eulogy, Carianne’s uncle, Hailes Castello, described Carianne as an easy-going girl.

He said that it was during her third form at the St Joseph’s Convent that she became more passionate about food and decided she wanted to be a professional chef. He said she was always spiritually inclined and found comfort in God when she was in secondary school.

Castello said Carianne admired her mother, who is a chef and wanted to be a professional chef with her own business.

“Every so often she would say to her mommy, ‘mommy I can’t wait to finish school so I can take care of you, with all that you have done for me how can I possibly fail’,” Castello disclosed.

He said on December 31, 2016, Carianne told her mother how much she appreciated and loved her and how grateful she was for everything she had given her in life.

Castello said that Carianne was not interested in partying nor fancy clothing.

“She preferred to save and encouraged her mom to do the same. The perfect daughter any parent would love to call his or her own,” he stated.

Antonia Nash, a lifelong friend of Carianne, said the deceased stole the heart of many and she would remain in their hearts.

She described Carianne as a quiet, soft-spoken and reserved child, who preferred staying at home and keeping to herself.

“She preferred to stay home watching the Food Network, listening to music and experimenting new dishes,” she said.

Nash said that Carianne was like her mature little sister who would give her advice as if she were an adult.

She said the Carianne often bribed her with food, which she did not mind.

“What I will give to have the opportunity to work on one more assignment with her, or to braid her hair one more time. I wouldn’t dare fuss.”

Tributes were also paid by teachers and students of the Division of Technical and Vocational Education of the SVGCC, her cousins Mehalia Williams and Tamara Glasgow, Simon Weslyan, District Superintendent of the Weslyan Holiness, Kahalia Spencer of the Mustique Company Limited, and a special song was done by her sister, Junney Glasgow.

Aziza Dennie and Danee Horne were the two other students who died in the car crash.

Danee Horne was laid to rest on Sunday, February 19, while Aziza Dennie will be laid to rest on Sunday, February 26, after a funeral service at the Faith Deliverance Church at Redemption Sharpes.