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Has Leacock finally decided to exit NDP?

Has Leacock finally decided to exit NDP?


When the New Democratic Party (NDP) holds its convention at Layou this coming Sunday, St Clair Leacock’s name will not be on the ballot for re-election as vice-president.

Leacock, who is the Member of Parliament for Central Kingstown and current vice-president of the NDP, made this announcement yesterday during his contribution to the Budget debate in the House of Assembly.

“Next Tuesday, you shall not only have a new airport, but you would also have a new, New Democratic Party, because The Major will find a different way to serve in the political equation of St. Vincent and Grenadines,” he told Parliament.

Observers question whether this could mean that Leacock has finally decided to take his exit from the NDP, he, in December 2016, having said that he was a victim of friendly fire from supporters of the party who he said had insulted his integrity, character and service to the NDP.

“I stated before, I have not left the NDP; the party seemingly has left me,” Leacock said then.

Yesterday in Parliament, he noted that he was extending his hand to his challenger for the vice-president position, senator Marcia ‘Zita’ Barnwell to “pull her all the way up.”

“I said before the country is bigger than myself, the party is bigger than myself … I will be a faithful follower from the floor. I will not compete, I will stand up and keep my head up,” Leacock stated.

Leacock had offered himself up for the position of Leader of the Opposition and president of the NDP in November last year after the resignation from both posts of former leader Arnhim Eustace.

However, Leacock was bested by former vice-president Dr Godwin Friday for the post of Leader of the Opposition, and at the extraordinary convention called to elect the president, Leacock removed himself from the race at the last moment.

Leacock had previously told SEARCHLIGHT that if he was not successful in his bid to become Leader of Opposition and president of the NDP he would step down as party vice-president. (CM)