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PM says wife was not paid for her work at AIA

PM says wife was not paid for her work at AIA


Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has recognized the contribution of his wife Eloise Gonsalves towards interior decorating at the Argyle International Airport, making it clear that she was not paid.

“For several years, Eloise, who is a skilled designer… she has been on the design committee, others too, doing work free of charge for years – for the last two years in particular,” said Gonsalves, during a call to the ‘Issue at Hand’ radio programme on WE FM last Sunday, on which chief executive officer of the International Airport Development Company Dr Rudy Matthias was a guest.

The Prime Minister said that his wife has lent her time and expertise to advise on and help source materials, among other things, relating to the interior decorating of the airport.

“You know what malicious people are saying, Rudy? That you paid her a million dollars; that her contract was a million dollars.”

Both Gonsalves and Matthias denied this claim, stating that Eloise was not even paid “one red cent”.

“When she was sent overseas to source things and so on, very often she took money out of her own pocket for incidentals. I know that, because I paid the bill,” asserted Gonsalves.

“Not just Eloise; there have been other volunteers!”

While the PM’s wife is responsible for the interior decorating at the AIA, local architect Moulton Mayers is responsible for the interior design.