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Vincentian-Canadian to buy five Black Sands Villas

Vincentian-Canadian to buy five Black Sands Villas


A self-described “proud Vincentian” who resides in Canada has already signed up to purchase five high-end villas at the Black Sands Resort, even though construction has only just begun.

Anthony Bowman expressed his excitement about this Pace Developments Inc project at last Thursday’s ground breaking ceremony at the site of the 37-acre Peter’s Hope property.

Expressing how passionate he is about the development of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Bowman said that he “cannot wait” to take possession of the villas, which is a joint endeavour between him and several other family members.

“For me, this project means a lot. I somewhat feel, years of being abroad, this project is giving back to the people in terms of skilled labour and numerous business opportunities,” he explained.

“My family and I are convinced that this project will succeed, so much that we are making a significant investment into it.”

Bowman added: “I wish Joseph Romano, his team and all [who] are involved continued success. And I will also do my part in providing support when needed…

“We are moving forward, not backward, in SVG!”

Partner in Pace Developments Joseph Romano also gave brief remarks at the ground breaking ceremony, which took place on January 19.

“This development has been negotiated for over two years, and we are very happy to finally begin construction,” enthused Romano.

He assured locals this resort would only benefit SVG and its people, and not be detrimental to their development in any way.

Romano promised that Black Sands Resort would hire locals, with the opportunity (in future) to be promoted within the company, and eventually within management. He also promised that the resort would not block beach access for locals; and that local farmers and fishermen would be utilized to provide the resort with produce.

Moreover, a training facility would be established to provide employees with the skills they would need to be effective members of staff at the resort.

“These are promises we are making to you today, and promises we will keep!” (JSV)