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Man claims he is now penniless after being conned by a woman

Man claims he is now penniless after being conned by a woman


Popular photographer, videographer and promoter Regis ‘Splectron’ Williams claims that was recently conned by a woman.

Williams told SEARCHLIGHT in an interview on Wednesday that over the last seven months, this woman not only made him fear for his life but also destroyed his business.

“The person… con me, I don’t know whether it is blackmail or kidnapped but she fooled me into thinking that somebody was trying to kill me and had me under house arrest and took my business from under me under false pretences…,” he alleged.

Williams explained that in 2014 this woman led him to believe her husband (a policeman) had allegedly put a hit out on him.

Williams noted that when he met the woman, he told her about the experience, which he claims she used to deceive him.

“So we were exchanging life stories and I told her about that particular experience, which she used back on me to tell me that the police man has now put a second hit on my head.”

He said that when she told him the story, he thought it was a bit far fetched, but a series of events in the following weeks, in addition to her telling him that it was a friend of hers who had been hired to kill him, made him believe her story.

Williams said that while at funeral in North Union in April, the woman told him that her friends who had been hired to kill him would instead protect him.

“When we were on our way back… a man had got shot a few yard from where the apartment was. So then she is telling me ‘You did not want to believe me, but the guy who got shot…he was actually looking for you to take you out…’,” he related.

Williams said it was at this point that he started to believe what she had been saying as the woman convinced him that the man who was shot had been killed by her friends who were now protecting him.

The photographer noted that a few weeks later, a man was killed in Montrose not too far from his brother’s house, where he once lived. This, he said, further convinced him that his life was under threat.

He said that the woman later told him that her friends had kidnapped the police man who had initially put the hit on him and killed him. However Williams noted that woman told him he should still remain in hiding since the hit was already out on him.

Williams said that apart from the threat on his life, the woman also caused his business to run into the ground.

He claims that led to him to be evicted from the building in which he did business.

Williams also accused the woman of causing the rent of his apartment to remain unpaid, as a result he was evicted.

However, on the day he was evicted from the apartment, he claims the woman told him that they would be travelling to the United States to collect an inheritance she got some years ago.

Williams said he didn’t report the alleged threats on his life to the police because the woman had told him that if he went to the police she would implicate him in the police man’s murder.

“So she is telling me, I can (go to the police) if I see myself doing 20 years to life for my involvement in the whole thing. They just going to drag me into it [and] make it look like I pay the hit man them to reverse the thing. So hence I cannot go the police because I will be going down with them.”

“…So with that fear of going down with them and the fear of being shot, I was held captive in the house, from one house to another for seven months,” Williams explained.

He said, one day he had become so fedup of her stories, he contacted his former girlfriend who informed him that her ex-husband (the policeman) was in fact alive.

With this new information, Williams said on December 15, he went to the police station to make a report about her, but was charged for writing a bad cheque to Massy Supermarket, which he had thought was cleared up.

“So the morning when I get up on the 15th of December, I am coming to town to investigate. I am coming to see if I find this policeman to see if he is alive; I am going to police to make a report; I am going to check up on my business to see if I can get my business place.”

“…So when I got to the police station to make my report and to see if the police man is there, I was told that they have charge against me…so they brought out the Massy cheque and they brought out the bailiff for Massy and I was locked up,” Williams explained.

He said that when he made the report to the police they informed him that they would not be able to do anything to the woman, since it is a civil matter.

Williams said when he realized the extent of the damage done by the woman he was reduced to tears.

“I am realizing that … I am homeless, I am penniless and I am jobless.”

Williams said that despite all of this, he is planning to reopen his business in January and restart his life.

The woman who Williams has accused of destroying his life however told SEARCHLIGHT that Williams is lying and she will respond to his accusations after consulting with her lawyer. (CM)