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Siblings lose both parents in two separate incidents

Siblings lose both parents in two  separate  incidents


“Bad luck never travels alone” and “When it rains it pours” are two adages which now hold true to three siblings from Langley Park.

On Tuesday December 20, the mother of the three fell in Vermont, hit her head and died. Just one day later, on Wednesday, December 22, their father, Vancito “Cito” Balcombe was brutally murdered on the main road in front his Langley Park, Georgetown home.{{more}}

SEARCHLIGHT visited the grieving family on Thursday morning at Langley Park and met the three children Eldon, Desirie and Kizzannie Pompey at the home of their grandmother Ancilla Balcombe.

Through it all, Eldon and Kizzanie could muster smiles but Desirie was grim-faced as the three stood just a few feet away from where their father was stabbed and killed.

Eldon, the oldest at 17, said that on Wednesday, moments before his father was killed, they were both looking at and discussing a movie. Eldon said that he left his father at home and went to look at a soccer match and while at the game, he heard that his father had been stabbed.

“I came back home and I saw the yard full of blood but by the time I went to the hospital in Georgetown they had already send him town and they told me he dead,” said Eldon who is deeply saddened by his father’s passing.

Kizzanie and Desirie did not want to talk about the incident. The dead man’s mother said that she was not in the frame of mind to talk about her son, but did offer that he was the oldest of three children.

Ancilla described as sad, the fact that the children’s parents’ autopsies were being done the same day.

Vancito was this country’s 37th murder and according to his cousin Fayon McDonald, he lost his life at around 5 p.m.

She said that he worked in Ministry of Agriculture and that she misses him a lot although he only died on Wednesday.

Fayon said that she does not know what spurred the dispute that caused her cousin to lose his life but she does know that he did not deserve to die that way.

She said that when she received the phone call telling her that her cousin was stabbed in the road outside his home, she went to the Georgetown Hospital and met Ancilla talking to her wounded son, but he could not say much as he was in a lot of pain.

“I’m not sure what happened why he got stabbed. My cousin was a very good person and we love him so much. It make me feel real sad because I missing him… this is the first time the family experience anything like this,” she said while tears flowed.

Fayon never expected Vancito to die when she saw him at the hospital, but he did. According to her, the family wants justice as from her observation, he was stabbed about his body about 10 to 11 times.

Delano Simon of Langley Park, has been detained for questioning.

The three siblings told SEARCHLIGHT that they have a younger brother who is not their father’s child and that child was in Vermont and was also morning the loss of their mother.

The Balcombe murder followed another murder which took place in Chapmans on Tuesday night around 10. In that incident, 33-year-old Vidana McKenzie-Williams was chopped and killed while holding her 23-month-old son in her arms and having a conversation with two of her other children. McKenzie-Williams’ murder left four children without a mother.(LC)