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Christmas concert held in Diamonds to ‘wake up’ rural community

Christmas concert held in Diamonds to ‘wake up’ rural community


In an effort to get the youths engaged in more positive undertakings, a number of persons have embarked on a series of events aimed at promoting cultural activities in a number of communities on the Windward side of the island.

The first such activity was held last Tuesday, December 20 in Diamonds Village at the Earlene Horne Square and saw performances from a number of persons, including The Bowmans, the Union Methodist Church choir, students from the Diamond Village Primary School and the Winfresh Southeast Steel Orchestra.{{more}}

One of the organizers of the event, Oscar Allen, said that the idea for last Wednesday’s programme came from looking at national events that take place in Kingstown.

“…Some persons living in the rural communities felt left out, like orphans, because they were unable to travel to Kingstown for these events, so we decided, seeing we can’t travel to those things, let’s begin to have in our communities events of substance,” explained Allen, who noted that Marcella Dublin was one of these persons.

Allen said that they decided to start with Tuesday’s Christmas concert and this helped to take up the space left by the absence of an annual fund-raising event that was not held this year at the primary school in Diamond Village.

He noted that the annual fund-raiser, which is aimed at providing for vulnerable groups in the area, hit a snag when the sponsors made their it their priority to help the Sandy Bay flood victims.

“…So, we brought it home and this is the outcome. It is more modest than we had planned, but this is still quite significant and just a start to culturally wake up the rural communities,” said Allen, who added, “It’s a good start and we will organize better not only for Christmas, but we want to change the cultural spectrum of the village, so during the new year we will have events like this.”

Allen said that events of this nature are important, as a lot of youths have lost their way and are caught up in the digital world.

“I not sure if they ever had a way, the environment, both national and digital, does not permit them to have a way, so it’s up to seniors and older persons to begin to bring them into something alternative,” said Allen.

The elder also spoke about another event which is organized annually by Heric Horne of Island Network Inc and will be held tonight from around 9 p.m. at Diamond Village in the Earlene Horne Square. This event will feature games like bingo and other activities.(LC)