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Chapmans resident hacked to death in front of her four children

Chapmans resident hacked to death in front of her four children


While some persons are entertaining the idea that the man who killed Vidana McKenzie-Williams on Tuesday night is not of sound mind, Norbert Williams, the dead woman’s husband, does not think that the killer had any mental problems.

“I don’t think that he is crazy; I think he playing crazy. He never been mental home, he never certified, but he always threatening people when he broken [lacking money],” said Norbert last Wednesday, while seated at the same spot where his wife was killed on Tuesday night at Chapmans.{{more}}

Williams, who is originally from Lowmans, but resides at Yambou, said that from what he was told, his wife of three years, whom he met nine years ago, was seated under the shed of her parents’ shop holding their 23- month-old-son, when she was chopped on her neck from behind.

He said that the incident took place around 10 p.m., in the presence of three of his dead wife’s four children. The 33-year-old woman died on the spot.

“I understand that they did not have any argument and this guy just around the place like a loose cannon,” said the angry widower, who would like to see the death penalty for persons who commit heinous acts like the one that ended his wife’s life.

“I think all them guy dey should done put to rest long time. Guys like that should put to rest; you don’t do thing and pretend you crazy. I heard that he beat another shop bartender in the area the other day. So it come like he just around and if he run broken, he feel he could fight anybody. He always has a cutlass in his bag, so like he did done have intention,” said the watchman, who thinks that if he was present when the incident took place, it would have ended differently.

Reports are that after chopping Vidana, the accused man ran across the road and struck Avianna McKenzie (the dead woman’s sister) twice with the same cutlass and walked away. He was later apprehended by the police.

Norbert said that the incident has shaken him up and what is worse is that the children witnessed the brutal act.

“I got the call that she died and that she was chopped around 10 and when I reach, I meet she lying on the ground with a sheet covering her,” recalled Norbert who said that his wife had come to her parents’ home on Tuesday to help them clean and had called him to help her take up a carpet, but he could not come at that point because he was not feeling well.

“I told her I couldn’t make it and I will come today (Wednesday), so she call me around 7 o’clock Tuesday again and ask me if I feel better and I tell she I will come in the morning (Wednesday) and between doze off, around 10, I got the call tell me she dead and when I come, I meet she lay down there,” said Norbert, pointing to the spot where his wife fell after the fatal wound was inflicted.

“That happen in front the biggest daughter (15 years old) and she second son (12 years old) and last child (almost 2) was in her hand.

“As far as I gather she ain’t expect nothing like that to happen, she wasn’t paying attention to he,” explained Norbert, adding, “…imagine, just look at the kids them.”

Williams revealed that he regrets that he did not come when his wife asked him to.

“The only thing I feel funny about is yesterday (Tuesday) when she call me to help take up the rug, if I did come take up the rug, when me done she mighta dey home, but me nah been feeling that well. If I did come, I feel she might not have been here. But if I did come and that was his plan, if he nah been attack she, he mighta attack the other one, that’s how me see it and if she wasn’t facing him and wasn’t brisk, she might be dead too,” said Norbert, pointing to blood on two of the shop’s stools.

According to the dead woman’s 12-year-old son, the accused man went into the shop, asked for a drink, came out, lit a cigarette took a pull, went behind the shop and came back with a cutlass in his hand.

“…He just chop mommy, then ran to her other sister and hit her in her chest with the cutlass and run,” said the youngster.

Police say a young man is in custody and is assisting the police with their investigations.

A post-mortem examination is expected to performed on the body to ascertain the cause of death.(LC)