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‘Crab’ stabbed to death at Rose Place

‘Crab’ stabbed to death at Rose Place


The friends and a sister of a man who was stabbed and killed on Monday have all described the deceased as a kind and giving person, despite his drug habit.

Josmond Charles/Huskinson, alias Crab, died at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) on Monday night, after being stabbed at Rose Place sometime after 8 p.m.

A former teacher, originally from the village of Lowmans Windward, Huskinson was stabbed in his chest and thrown down a flight of stairs in the dilapidated house he and a number of other drug addicts called home.{{more}}

Huskinson was rushed to the MCMH by two of his friends, who said that he was unconscious at the bottom of the stairs when they found him.

Heather Robinson of Largo Heights, who said that she considered Huskinson her best friend, said that she knew the deceased for a long time and he would usually source jobs for both of them.

“I feel sad, I don’t like what dem do and he shouldn’t ah dead that way,” said Robinson who revealed that to her knowledge, her friend moved to Kingstown over 30 years ago.

“I vex because me and he was supposed to collect some money today (Wednesday). We did a work for Kingstown Board. Crab was a handyman around here and we miss him. He was an alright man and it is so sad he dead, but the memories for him still around,” Robinson commented sadly, while standing a few yards away from where Huskinson fell.

She said that two women have been detained and are being questioned in connection with Huskinson’s death.

Marilyn Huskinson, the dead man’s sister, said that the way her brother died is very sad.

“It’s not nice for someone to die like that, but I have to accept it. Everybody has their way; he had some good ways and some bad ways, but he did not deserve to die that way; but I cannot do anything about it more than accept it and move on,” said Marilyn on Wednesday in Kingstown.

She said that she was at home on Monday night looking at television when my one of her brothers called and told her what had happened.

“I was just numb; there was no feelings, no tears or anything like that, but I broke down Tuesday morning,” said Marilyn, who revealed that her dead brother was the first child for their mother.

“I never met him until he was a big man and teaching. He has about 12 or 13 subjects and he was in cadets with St Clair Leacock back in the day,” revealed Marilyn, who noted that after her brother moved to Kingstown, he started taking drugs and was arrested a number of times.

“There was nothing we could have done,” offered Marilyn, who said that her brother was a card carrying member of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) and loved reading and would teach persons when he was incarcerated.

She said that from what people are saying, her brother was involved in an argument during the day of Monday, December 12 and he was killed that night during a fight, which she was told stemmed from the same argument.

“Someone saw a lady pulling him down the steps and fling him over the bannister and he was unconscious and like he was beaten,” said Marilyn.

She said that in her opinion, the crime situation is out of control here.

“I believe because there is no hanging that is why so much crime happening. People know they just going to prison and they not hanging them. Some of them get life and eating and drinking and that is why I believe so much of crime here”, said Marilyn.

“If they use to do it (hang), I guess maybe all of this crime that we having would not be. A man would tell you he will kill and go in and come out and kill again,” commented the saddened woman.

Police have detained two females in relation to the incident, but up to press time no one had been charged.

Huskinson had no children.

This is the 35th violent death for 2016.(LC)