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Real estate company, interactive learning platform launched in SVG

Real estate company, interactive learning platform launched in SVG


A local entrepreneur is using his extensive knowledge and skill in information technology (IT) to launch two new business platforms in interactive learning and real estate.

Last Monday, December 5, Maurice John Jr – founder of M John IT Solutions – launched RUTH Learning and CaribiDreams at the Browne’s Building on Grenville Street.

Describing the move as a “great leap forward”, John said: “I am extremely passionate about I.T… The IT world is always on a loop; it’s always moving forward.”{{more}}

He explained that RUTH Learning, a partnership between himself and Azonya Vanloo, is an interactive educational platform, aimed at improving literacy and learning outcomes for students by allowing teachers to track students’ educational development, and by allowing administrators to “manage academic progress”.

He also said that the learning programme would be delivered by M John IT Solutions, and will be rolled out in select schools across the multi-island state.

“It’s a dimension to learning that we should embrace. We go to school, we read books, but really and truly that is not how the world actually does it anymore,” he insisted.

John noted that learning has taken on a more interactive nature within the global community, and this is something that St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) should be looking to adopt within the education system.

“There are two goals that I want to achieve here: for the classroom to become interactive and… for teachers to actually have a tool that they can get to know their students.”

He added: “What I want for us is to find a way for teachers to work together. Students are always complaining that ‘oh, Grammar School has the best teachers’ or they only send the good teachers up there, not elsewhere. Now, if we could have a centralized database where every teacher is contributing to the pool of questions; and if we can create a central classroom that… we all could participate in tests… this platform can allow all those classes to join a singular node, and test how far and how good those students are.”

John also presented LINDA, a virtual assistance programme that he created, which would be utitlized within the RUTH Learning programme, as well as within his real estate service CaribiDreams.

He explained that LINDA can process natural language, sense emotion, analyse personality, process large data, and convert documents – among other functions; making it the perfect accompaniment to his two new business ventures.

The IT specialist elaborated that CaribiDreams is an amalgamation of real estate, IT, Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality, and law – which has never been seen before in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Described as a “game-changing platform”, CaribiDreams is structured to bring various island states together “to offer a unique real estate product”.

On this venture, John has partnered with professionals in SVG and throughout the region, with the aim of becoming the next largest real estate company in the region that “offers a complete package” to clients.

“The goal for 2017 is to be on five markets: Jamaica, St Lucia, Barbados, Trinidad and St Vincent.”

He also shared that he has plans to integrate LINDA within future business ventures that include travel and insurance.

“Any industry that I enter, I will train LINDA to become expert, and enter into that industry…

“Computers that can think… you can find ways of integrating them into your lives to make your lives better.”

John added: “There are great things happening in St Vincent!” (JSV)