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Don’t blame criminals alone for SVG crime – Pastor

Don’t blame criminals alone for SVG crime – Pastor


The rise in crime in St Vincent and the Grena­dines (SVG) cannot solely be blamed on criminals, but on Vincentians who have turned away from God.

Pastor of the New Testament Church of God at Belair Gilbert Porter shared this view while addressing the launch of the 2016 Nine Mornings Festival at Heritage Square in Kingstown last Sunday evening.

“…the whole nation moaned and groaned when we saw and heard of the atrocities that have been taking place. It seems as if every morning we wake up, there has been another murder. In fact, when I heard that a little child was killed by a gun bullet, I think that was rock bottom,” said Porter.{{more}}

The pastor told the gathering of hundreds of persons on the Square that if they really loved SVG, then they would take responsibility for the country which is being plagued by crime, as each and every one is responsible for the ills of society.

“…You and I (are responsible); not the politicians, they do what they have to do; not the police, they do what they have to do; but if you and I would take responsibility for our nation, if you and I would remember that the children that we have are our responsibilities, then we would do what we need to do to ensure that St Vincent and the Grenadines remains the blessed country that it really is.”

Telling persons how to step up, the Belair holy man quoted Matthew, verse one chapter 21: “…His name shall be called Jesus and he shall save the nation and the people from their sins.”

Pastor Porter said that while many persons will not believe that the answer is that simple, it is.

“…Jesus is the answer for St Vincent and the Grenadines and if you and I would take that choice and say ‘I will serve Jesus Christ as Lord and as Saviour’, this country will be like no other on this earth and our young children will thank us for it,” asserted Porter.

He said that if God asked some persons to do something difficult, many would try; so, doing something as simple as believing in God and Jesus Christ should be easy.

The pastor noted that by coming to God, one is not only saving oneself, but one’s household and country.

“Would you really like see this nation blossom and grow from strength to strength? There is only one way, because his name is Jesus,” said the Pastor.

He noted that Christmas is a good time for a turnaround, as at Christmas people become conscious of others.

The launch of Nine Mornings also heard from Minister of Tourism and Culture Cecil McKie.

The unique Vincentian festival was this year launched under the theme “Celebrating a Unique Vincentian Tradition,” with a tag line, “2016, the best ever.”

During the launch of the festival, the police band led a march through the streets of Kingstown, while a number of community groups entertained the gathering at Heritage Square.

Performances came from groups from Troumaca, Point Village, Barrouallie, Carrierre and Rose Bank.

The Nine Mornings Festival gets into full action from Friday, December 16 and runs up to December 24. (LC)