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Sandy Bay man braves flood with family as waters tear through property

Sandy Bay man braves flood with family as waters tear through  property


Minutes before his home and business place were destroyed by a massive flood, there was no sign of water anywhere, but that changed in a split second and almost cost Sandy Bay resident Orden Hoyte and his family their lives.

Hoyte stood outside his wrecked business and adjoining home on Saturday afternoon, surveying the damage.

“I feel is about $300,000 I lose dey,” Hoyte commented to a SEARCHLIGHT reporter, “I lose everything, but the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away; what I can do about that?”{{more}}

The business man said that on Tuesday morning, rain started falling and at around 1 a.m., the flood waters came and he realized that he had a serious problem on his hands.

He said that the water rose the highest he had ever seen it and rushed through the building which served as his home in the back and his business (shop and bar) at the front.

“I live in this spot for over 20 years and this is the first time this happen. I see other weather systems and I never see it happen this way, even before I live here in this spot I never see this,” said Hoyte in disbelief on Saturday.

Hoyte said that when the flood waters came, he, his girlfriend and daughter were inside the structure and to be safe, they stationed themselves in a bedroom, while the water tore through the rest of the property, taking everything with it.

“We couldn’t move, but after the water ease up, we came outside; the place was breaking off and now everything gone,” said Hoyte, who noted that he could have left the house during the flood, but it would have been hard to get his family out, so he braved the flood with them.

He said that he has no choice but to rebuild in the same area, but if he is given a different piece of land, he will move.

“I think climate change is causing these things,” Hoyte offered, while stressing that his business has been halted.

On Saturday, Minister of Housing Montgomery Daniel, who is also the Parliamentary Representative for the North Windward area, said that government officials are currently doing assessments.

He noted that the Sandy Bay Government School is being used as a shelter for displaced persons as the Government seeks to provide alternative housing either by offering material to rebuild or by assisting with rent.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, Daniel used the opportunity to praise shelter manager Gradi King, who he says is trying his best to make sure the shelter is run efficiently, while he also thanked the various donors who have assisted with food stuff, clothing and water, among other things.

“This is the worst damage I have seen in all my years”, stressed Daniel.(LC)