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Sir Frederick, Prince Harry double in princely attire

Sir Frederick, Prince Harry double in princely attire


It may have escaped the notice of many, but the more observant among us would have noticed that His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales (Prince Harry) and our own Governor General had something in common at last Saturday’s welcome ceremony at the Kingstown Cruise Ship Terminal pier.{{more}}

The same outfit!

His Excellency the Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne arrived at the terminal pier, dressed in his usual dapper manner, and boarded the RF Wave Knight to greet Prince Harry and welcome him to St Vincent and the Grenadines.

When the two disembarked, they were both attired in navy blue lounge suits, crisp white shirts, powder blue neckties and shiny black dress shoes.

So was this a coincidence or was it prearranged that Sir Frederick would be garbed in similar style to the Prince, given that he, the Governor General, is the Queen’s local representative?

Pure coincidence it would seem.

SEARCHLIGHT spoke with Nathalie Sampson-Davis, private secretary to His Excellency, who explained that when it came to their matching outfits, there had not been any coordinated effort.

Great minds really do seem to think alike. However, as handsome as Prince Harry was at the welcome reception, we think he didn’t hold a candle to Sir Frederick – whose distinguished white hair and moustache make him stand out in any crowd! (JSV)