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Woman wins hefty Brewery cash prize

Woman wins hefty Brewery cash prize


Thanks to her persistence and the “Hairoun Celebrates 37 years of Independence with 37 Grand” promotion put on by the St Vincent Brewery Ltd, Duneshia Ollivierre is now debt free.

The Campden Park resident is the lucky winner of the grand prize of EC$16,000 in the “Hairoun Celebrates 37 years of Independence with 37 Grand” promotion.

The hefty draw was made last Friday, November 18, at Heritage Square, during the promotion’s grand finale.{{more}}

Ollivierre’s name was picked by a random lady who was chosen from the crowd by master of ceremonies Rochard “Pitbull” Ballah.

Ollivierre collected her winnings last Wednesday at the Brewery’s base in Campden Park and said she was happy to have won.

“I feel good; I never win something like this before, as a matter of fact, I never won anything before. I would usually see promotions of this nature and think, ‘these things have their winner’ and never enter,” said the happy secretary.

Explaining how she managed to enter, Ollivierre said that she and her friends would sometimes go on afternoon hangouts in Heritage Square and on one of these limes, they were encouraged by the Brewery’s red clad Hairoun models to enter the promotion.

“The girls in red were giving us the envelopes and I entered and from then I just continue putting in entries. I put in about 30 entries in all,” revealed Ollivierre.

During the promo, which was launched on Tuesday, October 11 at the St Vincent Brewery Limited at Campden Park, persons were asked to collect seven Hairoun Beer crowns, place them in an envelope with their contact details and drop them in boxes that were available nation-wide at establishments that sell the Brewery’s products.

When Ollivierre was informed that she won via telephone last Friday, she said that she thought it was a prank call.

“I was sleeping when I got the call. I thought it was a joke because before the draw I was telling my friends that I going on the Square for my money, so I thought it was them tricking me, but then I recognize the voice that called me and then I saw other people calling, then I realize it was true,” said Ollivierre.

She added that she is surprised that she won, but she is grateful.

“I kind of will it; it was a surprise, but sometimes you have to be confident about certain things and I believe in believing in something. I didn’t expect it to happen, but I just had a belief and I just keep saying it, I just keep saying, ‘that money is mine’ and I just had that in me and if I didn’t win, I was hoping that somebody who need it like me did win.”

She said that money has enabled her to start 2017 loan free and debt free.

“The money just come and it done already, but it going to a good purpose. I going to make my son a very happy child for Christmas,” said Ollivierre.

Friday night’s give-aways also saw Questelles resident Harvey Joseph winning EC$8,000, when his name was pulled from the mixer.

Also, four other persons won EC$1,000 each when they took part in the Brewery’s game show activity, where they were asked and answered correctly four questions related to St Vincent and the Grenadines and our culture. Taking home EC$1,000 were Shorn Lewis, Yvonne Webb, Barry Davis and Renwick Lyttle.

Addressing the gathering, regional commercial manager at the Brewery Shafia London-Williams encouraged persons to continue supporting the Brewery and its products, as the company always finds ways of giving back to its consumers.