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Fairhall man goes out in blaze of gunfire at Villa Flat

Fairhall man goes out in blaze of gunfire at Villa Flat


On Monday night, about 15 gunshots rang out in Villa Flat and for the second time in that area, in a little over a month, a young man was found dead after the thunderous claps subsided.

Murdered this time around was 23-year-old Fairhall resident Allanzo “Crackie” Kydd, a farmer.{{more}}

Allan Bobb, Kydd’s father, said that he heard the gunshots that killed his second son. His story is similar to that of Michael ‘Kye’ Sylvester, whose son, Kyron Sylvester was murdered at around 2:30 a.m. on October 19 at Villa Flat, in close proximity to the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College. Sylvester, like Bobb, heard the shots that took his son’s life.

Bobb, speaking to the SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday while standing a few feet from where his son went out in a blaze of gunfire, said that sometime after 9 p.m. on Monday, he heard what he described as a racket and “like people letting go firebombs.”

He said that his “lady friend” prevented him from going outside to investigate the source of the noise, but then he heard more noise that this time sounded to him like gunshots.

“I wanted to come outside, but didn’t; then I got a call from a lawyer friend asking me what going on in my road and she said she heard shots. I was looking and saw nothing, then 10 to 15 minutes later, I looked across the road and saw a crowd and then I saw policemen,” recalled Bobb, who was later told by a man who called him out of his home that his son Allanzo had been shot.

He said that he came out of his house and tried to see his son, but the police stopped him.

Kydd died while lying on the grass in front of a house next to his father’s home. His body was riddled with gunshots sustained as he tried to flee from what persons say were two gunmen dressed in black.

His father said that from what he understands, Kydd was coming to visit him, but spotted the dark figures and tried to flee, but was pursued and shot multiple times.

“A guy saw the gunmen run him down and the one in front fell down and the other one continue firing until the one that fell down get up and they went over him and finish him off,” explained Bobb.

“It make me feel real sad and the police has to do their work. I don’t know what could take place from here. I’m waiting patiently because it seems like the police can’t handle the crime that taking place in St Vincent,” said the angry dreadlocked man.

Bobb said that he last spoke to his son on Sunday, when he went to Fairhall at his son’s mother’s home to visit.

“We were talking and I went in his room and he was playing music and I said ‘You set up good’ and he said ‘Yes, Daddy’”.

Bobb said that before his son’s untimely demise, he would always warn him and tell him to be wary of people and try to stay off the street, as it seemed as if persons were trying to get at him.

Bobb revealed that a few weeks ago, the police were looking for Kydd in relation to the shooting of 27-year-old Philroy “Best Dress” Hull, who was walking along the Villa public road in the area of the Fitness Lab when he was shot three times by a lone gunman.

That incident took place around 7 a.m. on Friday, October 21 and Hull lived to tell the tale.

“I told him they (police) were looking for him, so he say he ain’t do nothing, but they claiming he shoot and he ain’t do nothing”, said Bobb, who noted also that his son has a court matter relating to a verbal dispute that turned physical.

But Bobb says that despite what people may think, his son was a good person.

“He was a good child; that was my right hand”, said the ailing father, who thinks that the crime situation in St Vincent is out of control.

“The crime situation in St Vincent get out ah hand right now; is like dog eat dog out here. The man who kill him (Kydd), he just dey bout, but his time will come, his time will come”, said Bobb, whose son was a past student of the St Clair Dacon Secondary School.

Bobb also would like to give some advice to the youths.

“All I can tell the youths out there is that they see how life going and how the young generation getting take out one by one…you have to believe in the Almighty and be positive, only the Almighty alone can handle this situation.

“Watch your friends you keep because when you think is your friend, is not your friend. I always tell my children about friends and company. Hang with positive people”, stressed Bobb.

Kydd’s is this country’s 34th murder for 2016.